10 Tips for Weight Loss | How to lose Weight Quickly.


10 Tips for Weight Loss.

Whenever you come across a skinny person, have you found yourself asking them the same old question, ‘How don’t you put on weight?’ or ‘Please give me some tips for weight loss too.’ Some of them tend to blush away and just tell you that, ‘I keep away from junk.’ Whilst others on the other end start whining about how badly do they need to gain weight and no matter how much they eat they just don’t end up gaining it. However, the ones who have a soft spot for you will make you familiar with their secret tip which they use in order to stay fit which can range from religiously drinking detox water to always having green tea or doing an intense work out at the gym. But it isn’t necessary that what worked out for them will work out for you too since everyone has a different body type and certainly a different body structure.

Therefore, I’ll introduce various and wide ranging ways of weight loss to you. Then it’s up to you that how well do you make use of them and, may the odds be ever in your favor.

10. Make a Diet Chart & Follow it.

First things first, it is usually said that 80% of one’s diet contributes to the weight loss whilst 20% is done by exercising and work out. It’s normally seen that people do intense work out’s at the gym but as soon as they step outside, they start to munch on and gobble up everything which comes in their hand. However, this practice is certainly wrong and sheer stupidity as there’s no use of shedding some pounds when you’re going to gain them the very next moment due to solely your carelessness. Include walking as a part of your everyday life as there are numerous benefits of walking too. Therefore, prepare a diet chart and stick it against your fridge so that whenever you step into the kitchen you are reminded of the things you can eat and those which you cannot. However, you aren’t required to cut down on how much you eat but just,

  • Shed down a bit on those extra calories.
  • Don’t eat desert after dinner.
  • Or if you’re pasta then don’t ask for garlic bread.
  • Don’t drink soft drinks, substitute them with water.
10 tips for weight loss. Easy Weight Loss tips.
Diet plan for weight loss.

9. Say NO to Confectionary Items.

As instructed earlier, it’s a big fat no to your sweet tooth cravings as that’s one thing which quickly adds up to your calories. Hence, keep a safe distance from bakery items, soda’s, packed juices and even frozen items. But since you can’t have all of this then this calls for some healthy cooking or even baking to be done at home! As a consequence, this will add up to your master chef skills and you’ll feel good as a whole for eating healthy. Since you have to ignore that sweet bread you used to buy from the bakery, now you can make lots of breads at home by just using flour and wheat which you can eat as a part of any meal of the day. Moreover you can even make,

  • Sponge cakes with no cream or extra toppings.
  • Tomato’s puree pasta.
  • Homemade ice lolly.
  • Low fat waffles.
10 tips for weight loss.
Bakery items may stop from losing weight.

8. Munch as Much as You Want, But only On Fruits.

Fill in your bag pack, your side table or lunch box with different fruits. Remove all of those gums, sweets and chocolates and replace them with different colored fruits which are good to see as well as great to eat. One of the changing season’s treat is new fruits, so avail that treat as much as possible by eating every fruit that’s available in the market. From leeches, to banana’s and till grape’s eat every fruit you lay your hands on. Since these fruits will cater to your late night cravings and your mid-day snack cravings too in a healthy way.

Best 10 Quick Weight loss tips.
Fruits are best for Quick Weight Loss.

7. Lemon Grass Tea is Your Savior.

From now onwards your mantra should be, no coffee only lemon grass tea and once you religiously start following this mantra, you’ll soon see evident weight loss results within no time. This is the least expensive and very effective weight loss technique which will help you get rid of that unwanted flesh on your skin and will make you feel slimmer, smarter and much more healthier. In order to see quick weight loss results drink it twice a day i.e. once in the morning and thenlater at night before going to sleep. Along with lemon grass tea, walking can be your partner in weight loss as there are lots of benefits of walking. Otherwise drink it just once a day preferably at night before having dinner. You can prepare it by,

  • Boiling lemon grass in water.
  • Let it heat.
  • Once it’s boiled nice and good pour it into a big mug.
  • Later, sprinkle some extra lemon into it.
  • You can even add a chunk of ginger whilst boiling it.
Best Tea for Weight loss.
Tea For Weight Loss.

6. NO, Late Night Munching.

So you’re watching a late night movie or chatting with a friend and as the clock strikes 12 or more you have an intense urge to order the biggest cheesiest pizza in town or to eat that huge cup of ice-cream which is there in the freezer. But if you’re undergoing a diet and aiming for weight loss then let me remind you ladies that late night munching won’t turn out to be favorable for you as the food you eat late night takes a lot of time to digest and since it takes a lot of time to digest, you put on extra weight in the form of extra carbs. Therefore, please keep away from eating any sort of junk food at night. However, you can always cut an apple into four and enjoy it all you want but replacing that with a chocolate bar won’t be wise of you at all.

Best tips for quick weight loss.
No late night eating.

5. DO Intense Cardio.

As stated earlier, if 80% of your weight loss contribution is done by the diet you take then the rest 20% is contributed by the work out and exercise you do. So pick a time to do cardio, this can be early morning or later in the evening after work or college. Follow this by walking as there are many benefits of walking.All you need to do is take out time for your exercise, find your comfortable space and three, two, one start exercising! However, doesn’t start off with a full time intense work out in the beginning only, let it evolve with time. Such as, begin for 10 minutes a day then keep adding 5 extra minutes with every passing week and let this happen until you reach 35-40 minutes. As this is when you’ll pick up the pace yourself!

10 best exercise for weight loss.
Best Exercise for Quick Weight loss.

4. Cheat Meal after Every 2 Weeks.

A cheat meal is necessary in your weight loss journey because if you won’t have an incentive then you won’t be further encouraged or motivated to continue working for your health or for a toned down body. So after every 2 weeks, pick a day most preferably a weekend and go dine out with a friend at your favorite eat out place and have something extra yummy to eat. However, before going for a chat meal set some rules such as,

  • You won’t eat desert if you’ve had a meal.
  • You can have desert if you’ve just ordered an appetizer.
  • No wine even on cheat days, just water.
  • But make sure to drink water whilst having the meal and not after it.
  • Don’t forget to walk as there are many benefits of walking which will help in keeping you healthy.
Best 10 low calories food.
Low calorie Food for every day healthy life.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar is one major elementwhich helps towards quick weight loss and can be your best partner which will be shoulder to shoulder to you in your weight loss journey. This won’t just give you a toned down body but also beautiful acne less skin. Furthermore, it works best in swaying away those extra fats from your body and making you appear slimmer and smarter. Therefore, the use of apple cider vinegar is a pretty vital tip for weight loss which you should definitely put to use and then thank it later for making you appear smarter than before!

10 best tips for easy weight loss.
Apple cider vinegar for quick weight loss.

2. Exercise on an Empty Stomach.

An important fact which you need to be familiar with in order to lose weight is that you should not exercise on a full stomach and should have eaten nothing when you’re exercising. You’re instructed to do so because you need to understand that your digestive system quite complex to understand and the food doesn’t directly make its way to the muscles or the guts and it takes a lot of time for that to happen. Add walking as a part of your exercise too as there are innumerable benefits of walking for weight loss. Thus, you need to be an early bird in terms of eating food so that you aren’t even full when you’re about to exercise and the food you ate is there to provide you with all the energy levels you’d need.

10 tips for weight loss.
Exercise will help you to lose weight quickly.

1. NO, Liquid Calories.

Yet another reminder on what you need to eat and what not to eat but in literal means what to drink and what not to. As stated earlier, only drink water! Ban sodas, soft drinks, coffee, wine, energy drinks or hard alcohol as all of this add up to your calories in some way or the other. So even if it’s an office party or your sister’s wedding you need not let yourself lose on those liquid calories and try to keep yourself limited to just water as much as you can, after all it’s your body and your inner craving levels which you need to tame yourself. Therefore, lovely ladies be careful and stay healthy.

10 best drinks for weight loss.
No more calories.