15 Best Healthy Indian Vegetarian Food | Low Calorie Easy to Make.


List of Most Healthy Indian Vegetarian Foods.

15 Best Healthy Indian Vegetarian Food | Low Calorie Easy to Make. Indian Food is awesome and many of the Vegetarian dishes are so healthy and unbelievable in taste. Lest take a look at 15 Best Healthiest Indian Dishes. Indian Vegetarian cooking is very popular in the world. Indian Vegetarian Recipes are loved by millions all over the world. Indian Food can be helpful in Weight Loss and can keep you fit and healthy. Most of the Indian Vegetarian recipes are very easy and need very less time and money too. Here you are going to get Top 15 Healthy Indian Dishes.
1. Lassi : Punjabi or not Punjabi this Indian food is best known to be enjoyed in a big glass with white butter on the top of it. A glassful is a good source of Calcium that can be had anytime but tastes best in the morning and afternoon.

Popular Indian Dessert. Indian Dessert Recipe.
Mango Lassi | 15 Best Healthy Indian Vegetarian Food.

2. Chaach : Chaach – we can’t really say where Chaach has originated from , the west call it butter milk but India offers the best possible versions of Chaach and is quick to make too. Curd when churned and white butter removed becomes Chaach. And believe you us it is one the healthiest form of Milk protein minus the fat. High on whey protein and calcium this can be had as plain chaach or reloaded with indian herbs tadka to become masala chaach.

15 Best Healthy Indian Vegetarian Food.
Chaas 15 Best Healthy Indian Vegetarian Food.

3. Poha : very common breakfast in most part of the country , with very less cooking time. This is truly a very light food which is very high on nutritional value if peanuts & vegetables are added to the preparation. A recommended food for people who are trying to lose few pounds. I think it is the one of the best easy to make healthy indian vegetarian food which you can have anytime.

15 Best Healthy Indian Vegetarian Food.
Poha | 15 Best Healthy Indian Vegetarian Food.

4. Khichdi – A very common healthy indian food option which you eat when you are not well, but what’s more surprising is that to many this is also a frequent food they love to have, it’s a rice dish cooked with lentils this is probably the easiest Indian food to make. Hing is the major ingredient of this food that gives this food an aromatic flavour to die for.
5. Curd rice: when we are talking about healthy indian food choices how can we forget Curd rice. As the name suggests the major ingredients of this food is just curd and rice. This comfort food as it can be called as due to its health a benefit to your stomach is easiest to make and completely satiates your hunger. You can either mix curd with rice (no preparation needed here) and but the original recipe includes giving it a spicy tadka of indian spices that’s why we have included it in our healthy food list. Curry leaves and mustard seed tadka makes it taste over the top of the world yet light and filling.

15 Best Healthy Indian Vegetarian Food.
Curd Rice | 15 Best Healthy Indian Vegetarian Food.

6. Aam panna: if it was not for this very special dish made out of mango, before they ripe most of the north Indian cities would not have fought scorching heat of summers so well. A sweet and tangy food loaded with herbs & spices like peppermint, hing, cumin seeds, aajvyan , black salt and pepper makes it a palatable summer drink and a thrust cruncher. Due to its cooling effect this one has made it to our list of healthy food.

7. Khar from Assam: This dish can be debated for healthy or heavy food but definitely cannot be missed out of the list. No Assamese meal is complete without undoubtedly delicious Khar. This unique dish is prepared with raw papaya, pulses as a main ingredient. All these ingredients are then filtered in water through dried banana ashes, now since you know the ingredient you will not doubt why it is in our list of healthy food, and of course this food has a flavor that is most unusual and 100% refreshing.