15 Best Quick Vegetarian Dinner recipes.


15 Best Quick Vegetarian Dinner recipes.

We must start it with simple but interesting dish jeera rice. Because in North Indian Cuisine Dal recipe spcially rajasthani and punjabi recipes are very important along with Paneer Recipe. So we must have to begin list of 15 Best Quick Vegetarian Dinner recipes with a rice dish. You can find step by step recipe, recipes in Hindi as well as Video Recipe on our website. We are creating this list of 15 Best Quick Vegetarian Dinner recipes or Dishes for people who love Indian Gravies and Dals. Our most of this recipes are very rich in protein and healthy too.

Best Quick Veg Dinner Recipes famous paneer curries and rice dishes.
Best Quick Veg Dinner Recipes.

1. Jeera Rice Recipe.

how to cook jeera rice at home / how to cook jeera rice?
Jeera Rice recipe ( Zeera Rice as well as Cumin Rice ) is an alluring rice dish of Punjabi cuisine. In its easiest form, it is steamed rice with nice flavor of pan fried cumin seeds (Jeera). This easy as well as simple recipe also utilizes onion as well as cashew nuts stir fried in ghee to improve the flavor and deliciousness. Jeera rice recipe is easy to make recipe you can make also jeera rice recipe on pressure cooker (jeera rice is also famous with jeera rice curry) you can make quick jeera rice at home.

best 15 quick dinner recipes. Jeeera Rice Recipe.
Jeera Rice Photo.

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2. Dal Makhani Recipe.

how to make dal makhani / how to cook dal makhani?
Restaurant type Dal Makhani Recipe is made with Dal as well as Lentils – Whole Black Lentils as well as Red Kidney Bean in addition to Makhan (White Butter) with full fat cream. This dish is wealthy in calories. Due to the utilize of all these component Dal Makhani becomes soft. If you are working on your diet, you could keep away from the cream completely.make quick and easy dal makhani.

15 best quick dinner recipes. famous indian restaurant dish.
Famous Indian Restaurant Dish.

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3. Dal Fry recipe.

how to make dal fry / how to cook dal fry recipe?
Dal fry and Jeera rice is one of my favourite combo for the Lunch, Dinner and sometime for Brunch also. Most of the time when guest arrived at home or like to eat restaurant style food. I always cook Dal fry and we all love to have dal dishes with the Roti. If you are looking for protein rich recipe then nothing can be better then the dal fry and rice with whole wheat Chapattis or multi grain bread. quick and easy dal makhani recipe.

15 best quick dinner recipes. dal fry recipe photo.
Dal Fry Recipe Photo.

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4. Rajma Chawal recipe.

how to make rajma chawal / how to cook rajma chawal?
Punjabi Rajma chawal recipe is an easy yet tasty meal. Rajma is rich as well as iron in addition to protein when it is shared with rice it is a massive source of carbohydrates. So it makes a healthy meal. It is great meal for kids lunch box too as it one of the preferred dish amongst the kids. Rajma masala or rajma chawalis one of the regulars at any Punjabi house.quick and easy rajma chawal recipe.

15 best quick dinner recipes. rajma chawal recipe.
Rajma Chaval Recipe Photo.

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5. Veg Biryani Recipe.

how to make veg. biryani / how to cook veg. biryani?
Vegetable biryani is a rich as well as extremely tasty rice dish. In this easy Indian Vegetarian biryani recipe layers of rice with vegetables are place together and cooked on Very Low heat to discharge the essences. Veg biryani recipe is a conventional mughlai veg. biryani main course item full with sliced vegetables, main spices, and saffron as well as dry fruits. On usual days, you can prepare it in an one-pot meal as it is easy biryani recipe. quick and easy veg. biryani recipe.

15 best quick dinner recipes. Best Indian Biryani Recipe.
Veg Biryani Recipe.

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6. Veg Pulao Recipe.

how to make veg pulao / how to cook veg pulao?
Lunch is the most significant meal of the day. What you give for your body in the forenoon session can be the difference amongst staying attentive as well as thrilled throughout rest the day, or feeling exhausted as well as lazy. It also helps you to carry on focused at work as well as focus on the job at hand without drifting off to sleep. It can factually make a disparity to your health as well as should be taken gravely. quick and easy veg. pulao recipe.

15 best quick dinner recipes. Veg Pulao Recipe Photo.
Veg Pulao Recipe Photo.

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7. Dal Tadka Recipe.

how to make dal tadka / how to cook dal tadka ?
Dal tadka is one of the most popular Indian recipe and almost everybody likes it very much. Whenever we go to the restaurant, we always like to order dal tadka and rice at the end of the every meal. Dal Tadla is ideal for lunch or in dinner and anybody can it this dal because it is a really very simple in taste and less spicy. quick and easy dal tadka recipe.

15 best quick dinner recipes. Home Made Dal Tadka Recipe.
Dal Tadka Recipe Photo.

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8. Paneer Butter Masala Recipe.

how to make paneer butter masala / how to cook paneer butter masala?
Paneer Butter Masala is the most popular Indian Curry and perhaps the most selling dish in Indian Restaurants. It is a creamy and reach curry in Red Indian Gravy. In this recipe I found the best way to reduce the total calories in it by making a fake cream for it instead of using the double cream. So anybody can enjoy it without worried about the calories intake. Butter Paneer Masala is belongs to the North Indian Cuisine and most of the Indian Famous Curries comes from the North India only. quick and easy paneer butter masala recipe.

15 best quick dinner recipes. paneer butter masala photo.
Paneer butter masala photo

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