15 best weight loss foods Which are Not So Boring.


15 best weight loss foods Which are Not So Boring.

Today Weight Loss Food has became need of an hour. You may like our Weight Loss Food Recipe, We are going to provide effective Weight Loss Food list, which is best and Free For Wight Loss. You may be looking for Weight Loss Food for Men, but our Weight Loss Diet will help both men as well as women. If you don’t want to spend huge money behind Weight Loss Food programs then it’s a very helpful and effective list of foods for quick weight loss. If you are thinking for Weight Loss Capsules then you must take a look at our list of Best Weight Loss Foods before spending huge money behind weight loss medicines or any other Weight Loss Products.

Best 15 Weight Loss Foods.
15 Most effective Weight Loss Foods.

How to Lose Weight Easily and Quickly?

When you decide to go on a diet, the most important decision would be selecting the right food to include in your diet plan. It is recommended to consult a dietician/nutritionist about suitable food intake since some kinds of foods can actually have the reverse effect on your body and you must be careful with them. Howeverthere certain others that help you lose weight without subtracting the essential nutrients and proteins required for healthy functioning of your body which are tried and tested by millions of people over generations.


Soups are probably the best meals to ensure a satisfied tummy and provide adequate nutrition. Simply adding water to your fruits and vegetables ensures lower calorie intake since they make a low energy density meal without making you feel hungry for the next few hours. You can try Ginger-Carrot soup which is rich in Vitamin A, C and Manganese. It helps in digestion and throws out toxins from your body. Tomato-Lentil soup is pretty light and the red Lentils that go in it are rich in fibre and really healthy. Split Pea and sweet potato soup has just 6 ingredients and weighs 254 calories in one serving. Carrot and Moong Dal soup with low-fat milk is also an excellent choice. The proteins that this soup contains makes it a wholesome meal.


A popular breakfast choice and for all the right reasons. Oats are rich in fibre and improves metabolism to a great extent. Not only does it burn fat but only keeps you full throughout the day. Oats is considered to be one of the healthiest breakfast foods available in the market. Out of the many health benefits, Oats is said to reduce cholesterol and control blood pressure. It hascopious amounts of protein and together with fibre makes the perfect breakfast for people wanting to lose those extra pounds.For a better taste, add milk or juice but avoid sweeteners like maple syrup or honey. Fruits and nuts go well with Oats to make it a more filling meal.However, packaged Oatmeal is not a wise choice as the nutritional value is lost asthey contain sugar and calories.


I have tried Almonds and can guarantee that it is the perfect food to make you rapidly lose weight. Soak a few of them overnight and in the morning, skin and have them as a light and healthy breakfast accompaniment. Almonds contain rich nutrients like Magnesium, Vitamin E and Copper. Vitamin E protects the heart. Most people avoid nuts assumingthat they lead to weight gain but in fact Almonds contain healthy fats that help you in avoiding unhealthy fat rich food by keeping hunger at bay. The Mono-Saturated fats in Almonds reduce Body Mass Index (BMI) by attacking belly fat and gives you a flat belly which is the ultimate dream of most people.


A nightmare for most people, eating salads in fact is the easiest way to lose weight. You can go for Apple and Cabbage salad for better digestion due to the high fibre content. Black Bean and Mango Salad is also very rejuvenating. This salad has 13 grams of fibre and nearly 17 grams of protein. It is light and a healthy choice. There is also Sweet Potato Salad that regulates blood sugar and contributes significantly to weight loss. It is observed that a person who has a soup or salad before a meal eats 20% lesser than the person who doesn’t. Last but not the least, Saladsare known for the large amount of disease fighting antioxidants which is why as they say you should never say no to your greens.

5.Corn Flakes.

Cornflakes offer very little energy content and barely fill your stomach. Having a bowl in the morning will eliminate most of the fat in your body within a week. However make sure you don’t make this a long term habit because you don’t want to lose out on essential carbohydrates. Also, it is recommended to includefruits or maybe an egg and milk to complete your meal. With very little fat content, about 0.4 mg, corn flakes make a tasty meal and will give you that perfect weight in no time. It’s ok toadd some fruits/vegetables, milk and honey to make it more filling.