15 best weight loss foods Which are Not So Boring.



Apple contains only about 95 calories. Truly, an apple a day keeps the fat at bay! They are very light and are enough to kill the hunger pangs for a few hours. Apples contain non digestible compounds and will flush out your system of all the toxic substances. A substance called pectin is present in the skin of apples that naturally kills fat. The nest time you crave for high calorie food, have an apple. You won’t be hungry anymore and will be consuming a good amount of fibre, vitamins and minerals and not to mention low calories. The most significant health benefits of apples are that they prevent dreaded diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes etc.


Beans are known to digest slowly and definitely prevent sugary cravings which is why they are on this list. This ‘not-so-tasty’ food also burns fat and carbs, thanks to a substance called Arginine. High in protein and fibre, they have this magical tendency to direct fat away from the waistline. These heart-friendly little things lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure.  Simply eat 30 grams per day to reduce weight. A person who eats legumes is at a much lower risk of heart disease than a person who doesn’t. Our parents were right in trying to force them down our throats when we were children. The large amount of fibre in beans is what fills up the stomach and causes only a slow rise in blood sugar.


Yogurt is full of digestion friendly good bacteria and will definitely grant you flat abs. Yogurt boosts your immunity and makes all the excess stored fat disappear. Yogurt is a good source of calciumwhich is known to reduce body fat. Yogurt is incredibly delicious which makes it easier to eat. Fresh fruit and Yogurt make a heavenly combination. Yogurt is packed with protein and feels very soothing on the stomach. Yogurt brings down ‘LDL’ also known as bad cholesterol. Yogurt also surprisingly makes for a very good beauty product as it is known to smoothen skin and reduce wrinkles. Yogurt also reduces the risk of high blood pressure. Yogurt helps reduce food intake by keeping your tummy happy and hunger-less until you find your next calorie-less meal.

9.Leafy green vegetables.

Children and adults alike run from it. But that doesn’t stop them from being incredibly healthy. Full of nutrients and antioxidants, greens are high in fibre and low in carbohydrates. Diseases run far from them. Spinach among all harbours the most folate. The large amount of calcium and potassium keeps blood pressure in check. This is the best weight loss food because first, it definitely fills your stomach,regulates your digestion and makes you healthy enough to throw out unwanted fat. Even though people shy away from them, they are actually the best thing you can ever eat. When you exercise, you lose iron from your body and leafy vegetables help in replacing iron content.

10. Eggs.

No, eggs are not on this list by accident and they actually do help shed kilos as long as you eat them right. Having one boiled egg for breakfast fills your stomach and keeps hunger at bay for a long time. They are rich in protein and carbohydrates which gives you strength and are full of healthy fats. Combine them with Toast and Orange Juice for a lip-smacking, weight-conscious breakfast. Eggs make you eat much less for the next few hours. With enough nutrients like protein, zinc, iron and vitamins A, D, E and B12, eggs surprisingly contain just 85 calories.