25 Indian Food which we can’t live without


25 Indian Food which we can’t live without.

Lets start with Snacks before we move on to the main Dishes to get you to our list of 20 Indian food which we can’t live without and we knew this so we started living with them. While we have a foodliciously delicious family of some amazing indian food recipes to look at.

Best Indian Foods to Eat.
25 Indian Food which we can’t live without.

Amazing Indian Food List:

1. Samosa:- if food were to be represented in shapes then this one is a triangle and a dil ka tukda for snack lovers. Nothing can make the aalloo taste so yum better then Samosa. One of the easy Indian food recipes.

25 Indian Food we can't live without.
Samosa Photo | 15 Must Eat Indian Dishes Before you Die.

Types of Samosa and Samosa Recipes.

  • Aloo Samosa.
  • Onion Samosa.
  • Jain Samosa.
  • Samosa Chat.
  • Samosa Ragdo.
  • Chinese Samosa.

2. Golgappa:– This one can’t be missed if we are curating a list of food which we Indians can’t live without. The most common and probably the cheapest snack (Rs. 2-3 per golgappa even cheaper in few cities) that is found widely across the country. One food yet many names phuchka, pani poori, Pani batasa, Golgappa, gupchup etc.

25 Indian Food we can't live without.
Pani Puri photo

3. Dokhla:– world famous Gujrati dish is something to die for. Made of gram floor this is yet another food that is an equal treat to both mouth and eyes. In most of the Gujrati households this is a regular snack.

25 Indian Food we can't live without.
Khaman Dhokla Photo | 15 Must Eat Indian Dishes Before you Die.

Types of Dhokla and Dhokla Recipes.

  • Poha Dhokla Recipe.
  • Besan Dhokla.
  • Khatta Dhokla.
  • Mix Dal Dhokla.
  • Muthiya Dhokla.
  • Sandwich Dhokla.
  • Surti Sev Khamani.
  • Nylon Khaman Dhokla.

4. Poha:– Be it Madhya Pradesh or Maharashtra no one can have enough of this lightest snacks ever. Made out of puffed and pressed rice this is another most common breakfast.

25 Indian Food we can't live without.
25 Indian Food we can’t live without.

5. Dahi Bhalla :- we can have it as a starter, as a anytime snack or with meal , that’s how a dahi bhalla makes to the Inidan food platter from North Indian Dahi Bhallah to south indian wada where a Medu wada is dipped in curd to prepare Dahi wada(similar to Dahi Bhalla)
Before we move to main course dishes let’s see some thirst crunchers on our curated list of must have food.

25 Indian Food we can't live without.
Dahi Bhalla at Delhi.

6. Lassi:– Punjabi or not Punjabi this Indian food is best known to be enjoyed in a big glass with a white butter on the top of it. A glassful is a good source of Calcium that can be had anytime but tastes best in the morning and afternoon.

25 Indian Food we can't live without.
Lassi in Mumbai.

Types of Lassi and Lassi Recipes.

  • Mango Lassi.
  • Punjabi Lassi.
  • Gulab Lassi.
  • Strawberry Lassi.
  • Salty Lassi.
  • Dry Fruit Lassi.
  • Frozen Lassi.

7. Mango shake :- Indian summers can never be complete without a glass of mango shake to beat the heat that raises the mercury levels . So this ought to make it to the list. And more so when Mango is the king of fruits.

Types of Shake’s and Shake Recipes.

  • Badam Shake.
  • Milk Shake.
  • Chiku Shake.
  • Chocolate Milk Shake.
  • Cold Coffee Shake.
  • Litchi Shake.
  • Strawberry Shake.
  • Banana Shake.

8. Aam Panna :- this is not just a thirst cruncher in the scorching heat of summers in north india but is also known for its medicinal effect of being a Satvic food, Kacha aam boiled with herbs like Pepermint, hing , cumin seeds and black salt & pepper is great to build resistant in the body and fight the dehydration in summers. And it is very good for digestion.