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Foodontvnetwork chef Nikunj Vasoya, Indian Celebrity Chefs

Cooking Background and General Info.

Nikunj Vasoya is the real face behind the Indian’s Leading and the world’s only Food Network which is Located and Operated from a small Village Khijadiya, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.

” I love to cook and share my amazing, original and invented food based on many Indian regional cuisines and some of the Extra-ordinary Invention which are the Web Exclusive Recipes and which you can’t get anywhere else on the Internet”

I am cooking Indian and specially Gujarati Food since last 14 years and it was a really good time before I have started working as a Chef, Food Author, Filmmaker, Producer and Traveler for the World Famous Indian Street Food and still living in a village is a great fun.

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Interesting Stats about Foodon TV Network.

  • 300 Million+ Youtube Views and still counting.
  • 1M+ Subscribers..
  • 9 Channels on Youtube.
  • 3 Websites on Indian Food.
  • 3 Languages.
  • Indian’s No.1 and First Street Food Channel on Youtube.

Food in Village.

Chef Nikunj Vasoya Chopping Fresh Veges at His Farm. Famous Indian Chef.
Nikunj Vasoya cooking at his farm in Khijadiya, Near Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary.

It is very very interesting to eat and cook food in a village, because we villagers still love to cook food on wood fire or “Chulha” so that’s make the food really tasty as compared to the food cooked on Gas Stove.

I am still cooking on Chulha at my farm and many times at home too. Food cooked on Chulha taste better than on gas stove because it add extra flanour to the food and that’s comes from the smoke.

“If you have yet not eaten food cooked on Chulha than you must eat before die”

Most Popular Indian Youtuber. Celebrity Chef.
Nikunj Vasoya: Best Indian Food Ever.

Big Base Cooking.

In Village, since my childhood I am seeing bulk food cooking and being part in most of the functions in my 24 years of life,so that’s help me a lot to cook better and better food every time whether it is for 5 or 50 people.I am cooking for 8( My Family) for many years and it is the very good thing amongst the other.

In Indian Villages there is a one thing which is very great amongs other is that, we have to invite at least one person from one Family in almost all the function whether it is good or bad, so it helps to strengthen the unity of Indian Villages and maintain the peace in the Village.

Why My Village is World’s Famous?

Khijadiya is a very small village even though it is a world famous place because the world famous The Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is Located in Khijadiya and it’s make my village very popular amongst the Bird Watcher and Wildlife Photographer around the world.

Educational Background.

CS (Executive), (Company Secretary). The Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

His Role at Foodon TV Network.   

A Chef.
Director of Photography.
SEO Expert.
Social Media Expert.

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