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World’s 1st Food & Travel Network From a Village.

About the Founder.

Foodon TV Network is started as an Indian Wildlife, Indian Street Food Video and Travel Channel on the Youtube by A Young Boy “Nikunj Vasoya” at the age of 23 years. A Foodie, Cook, Traveler, Filmmaker, Photographer, and little Internet expert while studying CS ( Company Secretary ) from Indian Institute of Company Secretaries of India New Delhi ( ICSI). Nikunj Vasoya started his Network from a Village and it is still has it’s Headquarter and Studio in the Village of Khijadiya, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.

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About the Idea & Action.

The 1st channel was known as MyCromfilms on youtube and then it’s changed to the Street Food & Travel TV India on Youtube and StreetFoodAndTravelTvIndia.com for the Traveling and Food Related Guide For Traveler to India.

The Interesting thing about the network was there was not an single employee apart from Nikunj Vasoya. He has the enough knowledge to run a entire network alone. His Filmmaking Skills with the knowledge of Video Editing , Photography and website development given him an advantage to run a huge network from a village without the any experts support or help.

In the 1st 2 years there was not much success got by him but in the 3rd there was something amazing and world class happened with his Foodon TV Network and the The Name Foodon TV Network is given by Him with his cooking show based on Indian recipes on Foodon TV.

In the First year of Cooking show and the Street Food and Travel Tv India together got over 8 Million Views in total with the 18 Million Minutes of watch time with over 23k subscribers on two channels in the year 2014. With this success it has become one of the largest Indian Food & Travel Network online.

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