Best 15 Gourmet food recipes | Indian Vegetarian Recipes.


Best 15 Gourmet Food recipes.

Are you looking for best Indian Gourmet Recipe? Indian Food is really awesome and colorful. You can impress your loved one with Quick, easy and Healthy Indian Recipes. Indian Cooking is little challenging some time, but at the end you will love the result. Indian Vegetarian Gourmet recipes are healthy and very good in taste. You came make all the Indian Recipe in no time. Most of the Indian Recipes are available with step by step pictures on our website with Video Recipes. Enjoy our list of Best 15 Gourmet Food Recipes.

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Best 15 Gourmet Foods

1. Gujarati Bateta Vada recipe.

We must have to include this yummy and tasty recipe in our list of Best 15 Gourmet Food Recipe. Gujarati Batata vada is totally different version of aloo vada, which we usually make for the Vada Pav or any other purpose. Batata Vada is also known as Bateta Na Bhajiya in Gujarati. It is called Potato Fritters in the English. here you will get quick recipe of gujarati bateta vada.
How to make Gujarati Bateta Vada? Actually Gujarati Batata vada is alone a very delicious fast food and you will not require any other thing with it. Gujarat Bhajiya is a very popular fast food and people are fond of different kinds of Bhajiya like Batata Vada, Methi na Gota, Mirchi vada ( bharela Marcha), Dal vada, lasaniya Batata, etc.

Home Made Gujarati Batata Vada Recipe.
Gujarati Batata Vada Recipe Photo.

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2. Roasted Potato recipe.

This is the best recipe in the list of Best 15 Gourmet Food Recipes. India is an interesting country for it’s food and flavors in the world. Even todaymany recipes/dishes from Indian Villages are not available for the world. Indian recipes are totally different as compared to the British Food, American Food,Chinese Food, Mexican Food, Italian Food, French Food etc.
How to cook Roasated potato? Have you ever try Black Potatoes? Not yet then must try it. Black Potato is a Gujarati Food which is known as Sekela Bateta or Bhune hoove Aloo in Hindi. Nikunj Vasoya will tell you very simple and easy recipe of roated potato with step by step instructions.
How to Cook Roasted Potatoes Recipe, Best Roasted Potato Recipe ever.
Roasted Potatoes Recipe Photo.
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3. Dabeli recipe.

Katchi Dabeli is the most popular fast food from Gujarat and Gujarati people love to have Katchi Dabeli during the whole days, it is a very simple but very unique and interesting recipe made from Aloo or Potato Masala Mixture and Bun Rolls or Pav which is also used in Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav, Usal Pav, you will get quick recipe of dabeli.
In Gujarat you can find many different kinds of fast food which are very unique and only available in the cities of Gujarat like fafda Jalebi, Khaman Dhokla, Puri Shaak, Khandvi, Ras Patra, Sev Khamni, Ghughara, Dal Pakwan, Thepla, etc.

Kutchi Dabeli Recipe-Indian Fast Food Recipe.
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4. Bombay Toast recipe.

Bombay toast sandwich or Bombay masala toast sandwich is a very delicious and one of the most popular fast food from Mumbai and people really enjoy the true taste Marathi cuisine. Bombay ( now Mumbai ) is a very popular tourist destination and a hub for the all Indian street food from the entire country.
Here you will get easy recipe of bombay toast. Mumbai is a well know for the Bollywood and is it the Financial Capital of India. In Mumbai you can find almost every food from the globe. Now a day’s people of Mumbai like to try new food or dishes comes from other cuisine of Indian as well as across the world.

Bombay Sandwich Recipe.
Indian Veg Toast Recipe.

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5. Fafda Gathiya recipe.

How to cook fafda. Fafda is a snack made from Gram Flour or Besan and serve with Papaya Chutney or Popaya No Sambharo in the streets of Gujarat in Breakfast. Gujarati people love Fafda and Jalebi very much and eat everyday in Breakfast. On special festivals in Ahmadabad sell alone Fafda and Jalebi worth more than 10 million rupees in a single day. Home made fafda is always good because we can have it very hot and fresh as compared to the FAFDA bought from your Famous Farsan Shop.

Top 10 Indian Foods.
Fafda Gathiya Cooking in Gujarat.

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6. Veg. Biryani recipe.

Vegetable biryani is a rich as well as extremely tasty rice dish. In this easy Indian Vegetarian biryani recipe layers of rice with vegetables are place together and cooked on Very Low heat to discharge the essences. Veg biryani recipe is a conventional mughlai main course item full with sliced vegetables, main spices, and saffron as well as dry fruits.
Restaurant Style Home Made Veg Biryani Recipe.
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7. Ras Malai recipe.

Rasmalai recipe is one of the significant sweet dishes in Bengal for any occassion.Squishy rasgullas covered with the rich, sweet, thickened, saffron flavored milk. At the time of dish up, it is decorated with your choice of nuts.Rasmalai recipe with milk powder again one of the well-liked Bengali sweetof soft cottage cheese balls and rasgullas soak up in the condense as well as sweetened milk. Rasmalai easy recipe is the most preferable sweet out of all the other Bengali sweets. If you wish to create any particular dessert on Holi this year, then you can try making Rasmalai at home. It is not as hard to make it as it seems.

How to Cook Rasmalai Recipe. Rasmalai Easy Recipe.
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