Best 25 Low calorie Recipes | Weight loss | Indian Vegetarian Cooking.


Best 25 Low calorie Recipes | Weight loss | Indian Vegetarian Cooking.

Are you looking for best low calories dishes? Here is the list of Best 25 Low Calorie Recipes with step by step pictures and video recipe option too. You can also read this recipes in Hindi. These low calories food can help you for Weight Loss. You want to maintain strict diet for Weight Loss, then these yummy but low in calorie 25 dishes gonna help you out. All these recipe mostly contain low calorie Ingredients but you can add or remove any ingredient according to your need. Mostly weight loss food contains veges but this list have some interesting ingredients which will help in weight loss as well as keep you fit and healthy. Most of the following weight loss dishes are authentic recipe, so you don’t need to be worried about taste.

Best 25 Low calorie Recipes for Weight Loss.
Best 25 Low calorie Recipes for Weight Loss.

You can do weight loss by many ways, but according to me you should not take Weight Loss Capsules or do any Weight loss surgery. You can try any Weight Loss programs if you want. But remember one thing, you should believe Weight Loss Before and After images, because it may be take from somewhere else without the permission of that owner. Weight loss pills may give you any side effects so you have to be very carefull while thinking about “How to lose weight”. You can they our Best 25 Low calorie Recipes with Weight Loss Exercise for best possible result.

1. Masala Peanut tomatoes recipe.

This is a good and light recipe to start our journey of Best 25 Low calorie Recipes. If you are looking for Best Indian Snack Recipe then you are at a right place, here you will find most popular Snack recipe and much more. Sweet, Sour and Spicy Masala Peanut Tomato is an popular and delicious Gujarati Indian Snack Recipe, Crunchy Peanut and Healthy Tomato with lots of chat masala makes it mouthwatering snack recipe.

Home made Masala Peanut Tomato Recipe.
Best 25 Low calorie Recipes for Weight Loss. Masala Peanut Tomato Recipe Photo.

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2. Roasted Potatoes recipe.

India is an interesting country for it’s food and flavors in the world. Even today many recipes/dishes from Indian Villages are not available for the world. Indian recipes are totally different as compared to the British Food, American Food,Chinese Food, Mexican Food, Italian Food, French Food etc. You make think why this dish in the list of Best 25 Low calories recipes? This is a low fat and healthy Potato Recipe for weight loss.

How to Cook Roasted Potatoes Recipe, Best Roasted Potato Recipe ever.
Best 25 Low calorie Recipes for Weight Loss.Roasted Potatoes Recipe Photo.

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3. Palak Besan recipe.

It is an Authentic Indian Curry Recipe which is very tasty as well as rich in Protiens and Vitamins as it is made from Spinach ( Palak ) and Gram Flour ( Besan ) both of them are good for our health, it is one of the best Indian Village Curry recipe to make and delicious too, this delicious palak besan curry recipeis originated and belongs to the western region Gujarat and it is oftenly cooked in villages of Gujarat, in India there are huge number of food lovers and they always wants to eat something new and special and for them this is the right place.

How to Cook Palak Besan Sabzi Recipe.
Palak Besan Sabzi Recipe Photo.

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4. Aloo Bhaji recipe.

Aloo Bhaji or Sukhi Bhaji or Potato Curry all this are one name of Best Indian Vegetarian Curry recipe, it is one of the very common and popular Indian authentic curry recipe which is commonly cooked in almost every houses of Indian and the whole World, although it is very simple, easy and one of the delicious Indian cooking food recipe which can be cooked in just few minutes therefore you can also say this is an Quick Indian Curry Recipe.

Home Made Aloo Bhaji Recipe, Aloo bhaji for poori recipe, Authentic Indian Curry Recipe.
Aloo Bhaji Recipe Photo.

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5. Apple Curry Recipe.

This recipe is very healthy and delicious in taste.You can cook this pure vegan recipe for Lunch, Dinner or any special occasion.This is a new recipe which is recently added to the Indian cuisine.At Food on TV you will get step by step instructions for easy cooking.This is Gourmet and Exclusive Indian Food which is not available anywhere in the world on any platform.

Best Indian Curry Recipe.
Royal Apple Curry Recipe Photo.

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6. Raw Papaya Salad recipe.

Raw Papaya Salad or Raw Papaya Chutney Recipe is a very healthy as well as unique fruit. It can be served up in form of papaya curry or in the form of Salad.Papaya Chutney for Fafda is very well for all type of stomach problems. This salad is really a very good pick for our list of Best 25 Low calorie Recipes or Dishes.

Best 25 Low calorie Recipes for Weight Loss. How to Make Raw Papaya Salad Recipe, Best Indian Salad Recipe, Quick Indian Salad Recipe, Quick Papaya Salad Recipe.
Raw Papaya Salad Recipe Photo.

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7. moong dal recipe.

Moong dal fry is extremely tasty as well as simple to prepare. Yellow moong dal is cooked with the onions as well as the green chilies, the curry leaves along with some of the essential spices. This recipe needs very essential components that you will discover in any Indian household. If your fridge is out of vegetables, you can compose this dal as well as rice and crispy papad as well as masala chaas on side, a wonderful meal is prepared.

Home Made Moong Dal Recipe.
Moong Dal Recipe Photo.

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8. Veg Biryani Recipe.

Vegetable biryani is a rich as well as extremely tasty rice dish. In this easy Indian Vegetarian biryani recipe layers of rice with vegetables are place together and cooked on Very Low heat to discharge the essences. Veg biryani recipe is a conventional mughlai main course item full with sliced vegetables, main spices, and saffron as well as dry fruits. On usual days, you can prepare it in an one-pot meal as it is easy biryani recipe.

Best Indian Biryani Recipe.
Veg Biryani Recipe.

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9. Onion and Cabbage Salad recipe.

This onion-cabbage salad is perfect for all as it is very healthy and delicious too, this salad is prepared almost in every Indian Cities and Villages, even this quick Onion and Cabbage salad is prepared all over the World, this is one of the very healthy Indian salad recipe which is oftenly prepared as an side dish in most of the Indian houses.

How to Make Onion and Cabbage Salad Recipe, Best Indian Salad Recipe, Indian Gujarati Salad Recipe, Indian Vegetarian Salad Recipe.
Onion and Cabbage Salad Recipe Photo.

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