Best 25 Low calorie Recipes | Weight loss | Indian Vegetarian Cooking.


10. Dal Makhani Recipe.

Restaurant type Dal Makhani Recipe is made with Dal as well as Lentils – Whole Black Lentils as well as Red Kidney Bean in addition to Makhan (White Butter) with full fat cream. This dish is wealthy in calories. Due to the utilize of all these component Dal Makhani becomes soft. If you are working on your diet, you could keep away from the cream completely. You can enjoy our list of best 25 low calorie recipe with this yummy Dal Recipe.

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Famous Indian Restaurant Dish.

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11. Sweet papaya Salad recipe.

Sweet Papaya Chutney Recipe :
This Sweet Papaya Chutney cooked with a collection of masala and it is just tasty. This sweet papaya Salad is fall under the category of Gujarati cuisine, which is one merge the different elements of diverse culinary traditions. Papaya Chutney for Fafda of this type is not classifying according to any one fastidious cuisine style as well as it has played a part in a number of innovations.

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Sweet Papaya Salad Recipe Photo | Papaya Chutney Recipe.

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12. Veg Pulao Recipe.

Lunch is the most significant meal of the day. What you give for your body in the forenoon session can be the difference amongst staying attentive as well as thrilled throughout rest the day, or feeling exhausted as well as lazy. It also helps you to carry on focused at work as well as focus on the job at hand without drifting off to sleep. It can factually make a disparity to your health as well as should be taken gravely.

Veg Pulao Recipe Photo.
Veg Pulao Recipe Photo.

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13. Stir Fried Cabbage Salad recipe.

Stir-Fry Cabbage salad is a healthy as well as fine mixing of the healthy fried cabbage, This is a color full crunchy salad which is low in calories as well as it is very satisfying.

How to Cook Stir Fried Cabbage Salad Recipe, Kobi no Sambharo Recipe,Cabbage Recipe, Indian Salad Recipe, Indian Vegetarian Salad Recipe.
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14. chana dal recipe.

Chana dal fry is extremely tasty as well as simple to prepare Gujarati Dal Recipe. Yellow dal is cooked with the onions as well as the green chilies, the curry leaves along with some of the essential spices like Red Chili Powder. This recipe needs very essential components that you will discover in any Indian household all the time during the year. If your fridge is out of vegetables, you can compose this dal as well as rice and crispy papad as well as masala chaas on side, a wonderful meal is prepared, which eventually will become your Mini Gujarati Thali. In Gujarat it is known as Chana Dal Nu Shaak means a Spit Gram’s Curry.

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Chana Dal

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15. Dal Fry recipe.

Dal fry and Jeera rice is one of my favourite combo for the Lunch, Dinner and sometime for Brunch also. Most of the time when guest arrived at home or like to eat restaurant style food. I always cook Dalfry and we all love to have dal dishes with the Roti. If you are looking for protein rich recipe then nothing can be better then the dal fry and rice with whole wheat Chapattis or multi grain bread.

Restaurant Style Dal Fry Recipe.
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16. Dal Tadka Recipe.

Dal tadka is one of the most popular Indian recipe and almost everybody likes it very much. Whenever we go to the restaurant, we always like to order dal tadka and rice at the end of the every meal. Dal Tadla is ideal for lunch or in dinner and anybody can it this dal because it is a really very simple in taste and less spicy.

Hoome Made Dal Tadka Recipe.
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17. Aloo Biryani recipe.

A very special dish which is known as “Tam Tam Biryani”. This Recipe is very special for me because it is very well attach with my Childhood Memmories, whenever we hear the name of Biryani it makes us happy because everyone love to eat the Biryani, it is a Vegetarian Biryani Recipe and one of the best Indian Restaurant seller Recipe, it is delicious in taste and also it has very good texture too.

Home Made Tam Tam Biryani Recipe.
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18. Rasiya Bhaat recipe.

In this recipe of Soupy Rice you have to add few simple ingredients and Rice and it gives us as totally new flavor as compared to the other Indian Fried Rice Recipes or Biryani Recipe and Pulao Recipes.

indian rice dish
Indian Rice dish photo

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