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19. Potato Curry Recipe.

Aloo ki subzi or bateta nu shaak or Potato curry all this are one name of Best Indian Curry recipe, it is one of the very common and popular Indian authentic curry recipe which is commonly cooked in almost every houses of India and the whole World, although it is very simple, easy and one of the delicious Indian cooking food recipe which can be cooked in just few minutes therefore you can also say this is an Quick Indian Curry Recipe.

Home Made Potato Curry Recipe.
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20. sev tamatar recipe.

Gujarati Sev Tamatar recipe denotes to the cuisine of Gujarat, a state in western India. Despite having a wide coastline offering wholesome seafood, it is chiefly a Lacto-vegetarian state due to the influence of Jainism as well as Vaishnavism.

How to Cook Sev Tamatar ki Sabzi Recipe.
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21. Jeera Rice Recipe.

Jeera Rice recipe ( Zeera Rice as well as Cumin Rice ) is an alluring rice dish of Punjabi cuisine. In its easiest form, it is steamed rice with nice flavor of pan fried cumin seeds (Jeera). This easy as well as simple recipe also utilizes onion as well as cashew nuts stir fried in ghee to improve the flavor and deliciousness.
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Jeeera Rice Recipe.
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22. Methi Kela Subzi Recipe.

It is an Indian Authentic Food Recipe which is very tasty as well as rich in Protiens and Vitamins as it is made from Fenugreek Leaves and Banana both of them are good for our health, it is one of the best Indian Curry recipe to make and delicious too, in India there are huge number of food lovers and they always wants to eat something new and special and for them this is the right place.

Fenugreek & Banana Recipe.
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23. Bharela Ringan recipe.

Bharela Ringan, Bharela Ravaiya, Bharela Batata,etc. are all the very popular Gujarati Curry which are made with the stuffing (In Gujarati it is known as Boro) made from the Besan or Gram Flour. In Gujarati Cuisine you will find Bharela Shaak at most of the Gujarati Restaurants and Hotels.

Indian Stuffed Curry of Birnjal or Eggplants
Stuffed Birnjal Curry Recipe or Stuffed Eggplants.

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24. Onion And Tomato Curry/ Dungari Tameta nu Shaak recipe.

A Spring Onion & Tomato Curry Recipe is an Traditional Gujarati Curry which is very popular in all over the Gujarat and India.In this recipe of Curry you have to add few simple ingredients like Spring Onions, Tomatoes and it gives us as very unique flavor and very best taste of Gujarat.This is a very easy recipe of Indian vegetarian Curry and all the ingredients are available in any Indian Kitchen very easily.This recipe is very healthy and delicious in taste.You can cook this pure vegan recipe for Lunch, Dinner or any special occasion.

Indian Curries, Sweets, Fast Foods, Street Food, Naans, Rotis, Snacks,
Authentic Indian Recipes.

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25. Poha Dhokla recipe.

Flattened rice (also named beaten rice) is dehusked rice which is compressed into smooth light dry types of flakes. These dry types of flakes of rice swell while added to the liquid, whether hot as well as cold, as they soak up water, milk or any other kind of liquids. The thicknesses of these types of flakes vary among almost daintily thin (the more elite varieties) to almost four times thicker than a standard rice grain.

Indian Fast Food Recipe.
Poha Dhokla Recipe

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