Best 25 North Indian Recipes


17. Potato Curry Recipe.

Aloo ki subzi or bateta nu shaak or Potato curry all this are one name of Best Indian Curry recipe, it is one of the very common and popular Indian authentic curry recipe which is commonly cooked in almost every houses of India and the whole World, although it is very simple, easy and one of the delicious Indian cooking food recipe which can be cooked in just few minutes therefore you can also say this is an Quick Indian Curry Recipe.

Home Made Potato Curry Recipe.
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18. Methi Kela Subzi Recipe.

It is an Indian Authentic Food Recipe which is very tasty as well as rich in Protiens and Vitamins as it is made from Fenugreek Leaves and Banana both of them are good for our health, it is one of the best Indian Curry recipe to make and delicious too, in India there are huge number of food lovers and they always wants to eat something new and special and for them this is the right place.

Fenugreek & Banana Recipe.
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19. Rajma Chaval Recipe.

Punjabi Rajma chawal recipe is an easy yet tasty meal. Rajma is rich as well as iron in addition to protein when it is shared with rice it is a massive source of carbohydrates. So it makes a healthy meal. It is great meal for kids lunch box too as it one of the preferred dish amongst the kids. Rajma masala or rajma chawalis one of the regulars at any Punjabi house.

How to Cook Rajma Chaval Recipe, Rajma Recipe, Rajma Masala Recipe, Easy Rajma Chaval Recipe.
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20. Beetroot Halwa Recipe.

We all love Halwa as our Indian dessert after every meal. Sweetness, softness and too much finger licking are all that it is characterized with. The Beetroot Halwa is another type of yummy Halwa which is too quick in serving you compared to other Halwa. It approximately takes 20-25 minutes to cook this dish. It is exactly like taste in no time! Sweet dishes are never obsolete for us. After the meal, before a meal, during the meal and between the meals; time is no bar for us. And there is nothing to even regret it. Sweetness is too good for us to not love it!

Home Made Beetroot Halva Recipe.
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21. Carrot Halwa Recipe.

Halva (Halwa) is a very popular Indian Sweet or Dessert which we Indian are cooking and eating from 100s of years. It is a very easy recipe of Indian sweet but so good in taste and need just few ingredients. You can find halva in the most of the Indian cities and towns. You can make Halwa with the Carrot or Gajar, Beetroot and many other things as well.

Indian Sweet Gajar Ka Halva Recipe.
Gajar Halva | Carrot Halwa Recipe.

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22. Banana & Chiku Smoothie Recipe.

Indian People like the drinks made from the Mango, Chiku, Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Orange, Lemon, Banana, etc. I personally like Chiku Shake and Mango Lassi. In the every nook and corner you will find Lassi, Shakes and other beverages which are made fresh everyday in the streets of India.

Best Indian Dessert Recipe.
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23. Chilli Pickle Recipe.

Chili Picke is an Authentic and Traditional Recipe of India, In Indian and the entire world people like to have the pickle with their Meals as a side dish, there are many types of Pickles are available like Lemon Pickle, Ginger Pickle, Mango Pickle etc and Chili Pickle is one of them.

Home made Chili Pickle Recipe.
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24. Chocolate Balls Recipe.

Are you looking for Chocolate Fantasy? Chocolate Balls are very delicious in taste and everybody like to have it when you will make it at home. If you are in the search of Interesting and Easy Chocolate Balls Recipe, then stop right here.

Home made Chocolate Balls Recipe.
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25. Green Chutney Recipe.

History of the Indian cuisine dates back to nearly 5,000-years ago while a variety of groups as well as cultures interacted with India that direct to a multiplicity of flavors as well as regional cuisines. Indian cuisine covers a of a number of local cuisines.  The variety in the soil type, the climate, the culture, ethnic group as well as occupations, these cuisines fluctuate from each other primarily due to the utilization of locally obtainable spices, the  herbs, the vegetables as well as fruits. Indian food is also prejudiced by religious as well as cultural choices in addition to traditions.

How to Make Green Chutney Recipe.
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