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Veg Biryani Recipe & Biryani Recipe 101.

Biryani Recipe is very popular in India, a Fried Rice dish. There are many types of Biryani Recipes are available and recipes of Indian Veg Biryani and Non Veg Biryani Recipe is different from region to region. In Veg Biryani Recipe you can add any ingredient which you love the most for e.g. in most of the Biryani Recipe in India they use carrots, Peas, Potatoes, Chicken, Mutton, Prawns and other easily available Indian veggies or seafood according to the seasons. Birayni Recipe is very easy and Dum Biryani is healthy Indian dish to cook at home, it is very good in nutrition because of vegetables used in it.

Best Indian Biryani Recipe.
Veg Biryani Recipe.

I personally like Veg Biryani Recipe very much, now I have very good knowledge about Biryani Recipes because I specially visited Hyderabad to learn to make Veg Biryani Recipe. In Hyderabad mostly they make Dum Biryani Recipe. Dum Biryani recipe is little time consuming but it is really very healthy and amazing in taste.
Now every week I make Veg Biryani at home, Biryani Recipe required very few ingredients and most of the Biryani Ingredients you will find in the most of the Indian kitchen. I feel very bad when I see that at most of the Indian Restaurants they don’t served proper Hyderabadi Veg Biryani Recipe, they don’t know the proper preparation of Biryani Recipe. I was also like then before visiting Hydedrabadi Biryani House. But now I know the proper Veg Biryani Recipe and I have been making it perfect since last few week.

For Step by Step Biryani Recipe Go To : Veg Biryani Recipe.

For Hindi Step by Step Veg Biryani Recipe Go To : Veg Biryani Recipe in Hindi.

Watch Vegetable Biryani Recipe:

My 1st Hyderabadi Biryani eating experience.

I reached around 11 PM in Hyderabad from Mumbai, I directly went to a Biryani House for the Dinner, I was surprised when I show people eating a very huge Plate of Biryanis. I never had very huge quantity of rice in my life ever before, but the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani made me able to achieved a new personal record. I had a very heavy diet that day. But I was very happy and had a fully positive and respectful view regarding Hyderabadi Biryani, my love with the Dum Biryani start from there. I don’t think I will forget that Biryani eating experience ever.

Dum Biryani Recipe.
If you want to eat Original Biryani then must you should cook it on wood fire. When you make Vegetarian Biryani on wood fire it taste 100 times better then Biryani cooked on gas. In my Vegetable Biryani Recipe I only use Potatoes and Carrots, I have learn that from Hyderabad, this is an easy Biryani Recipe and you will make it very easily at home. According to me this is the Best Biryani Recipe if you want to make a Veg Biryani and it would be perfect Dum Biryani Recipe for you.
Veg Biryani Recipe/Vegetable Biryani Recipe.
This is an Easy Biryani Recipe. After reading these recipes you will be able to make a perfect Hyderabadi Dum Biryani at home. While cooking a perfect Dum Biryani recipe you have to keep few rule regarding Biryani Recipe. So lets make a best Biryani recipe you have ever cooked.

Tips and Tricks for Biryani Recipe.

If possible then cook on wood fire.
Always use Basmati Rice of perfect Biryani Recipe.
Vegetable Biryani taste very good with potatoes and carrots only.
Always serve Biryani from one side, never mix Biryani before serving.
For the better taste, always use hand to mix Biryani just before eating.
Salan: it is a mix of spices and vegetables which we put in the bottom of the pan.
Serve curd and Mirchi Ka Salan with the Biryani.
Never 100% cooked your veges and rice before giving it Dum.
Dum: To steam or cook lovely on fore after covering it.

Importance of Biryani in Reliogion.

Biryani is very important in Muslim religion; they make Biryani most often in Festival, Marriages, Parties, Functions, etc. They have very special Biryani Recipes, they make the most traditional Dum Biryani in the country, and they have been making Dum Biryani Recipe since many centuries. Biryani is a very traditional Indian Rice Recipe, which Indians are making from the time of Mughal.
Normally Muslim makes Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Egg Biryani in the celebration of Eid Festival. They make Dum Biryani on very slow wood fire which may take up to 5 hours. But the end result would be awesome. A tasty and Mouthwatering Dum Biryani will come out as a result.
In India Vegetable Biryani has it’s own importance, because most of the Indians are vegetarian so they make Veg Biryani and everyone have their own Veg Biryani Recipe.

Hyderabadi Biryani.

I have seen very deep love for the Hyderabadi Biryani in Hyderabad as well as in the other cities of India. Those who had Hyderabadi Biryani once he cannot forget the taste of Byderabadi Dum Biryani or Hyderabadi Veg Biryani. This is an Easy Biryani Recipe of Vegetable Biryani. You will makes it at home very easily and I am sure you will say this is the best Biryani recipe I have ever cooked.

Home made Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani Recipe in Hindi.
You will find Biryani or Fried Rice Dishes in all the Indian Restaurant Menus whether you are in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, or any other cities of India.
Foodon TV Network India will brigs you the most popular and easy Indian Biryani recipes with great cooking, health, how to and other tips related to Biryani Recipes. Foodon TV is the best source of free simple, easy, healthy and delicious Indian recipes from all the Indian cuisines. We will try to serve the best and traditional recipes with step by step procedure of cooking the perfect Indian dishes.

Biryani as complete Meal.

In India most of the people like to eat rice every day in their regular diet and it is great solution over the multi-course food.In Biryani we can add lots of healthy and good in nutrition ingredients to gather, so we don’t need to have any other dishes with Biryani whether we are cooking it for lunch or dinner.Biryani or Fried Rice is very cheap dish so Indian who can not afford expensive food they eat Biryani every day in their regular diet.In India you can cook Biryani under $1 for 2 to 3 person, so it is a very important dish in all Indian regional Cuisine over the other dishes.

Name of the Most Popular Indian Biryani Recipes or Fried Rice Recipes.

Chicken Biryani Recipe/Chicken Dum Biryani.
Lamb/Mutton Biryani Recipe.
Veg Biryani Recipe.
Dum Biryani Recipe.
Fish Biryani Recipe.
Egg Biryani Recipe.
Veg Dum Biryani.
Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani.
Fried Chicken Biryani.
Aloo Dum Biryani/Dum Aloo Biryani.
Biryani Pot.

Importance In Cuisine.

Hyderabadi Cuisine.
Punjabi Cuisine.
Gujarati Cuisine.
Marathi Cuisine.
South Indian or Kerala Cuisine.
Rajsthani Cuisine.
Hyderabadi Cuisine.

Main Ingredients for any Vegetarian Biryani or Fried Rice.

Chili Pepper Powder, and
Vegetables like Peas, Carrots, Potatoes, Tomatoes etc.
Biryani Masala Blend.

Main Ingredients For Non-Vegetarian Biryani or Fried Rice Recipe.
Biryani Masala Blend.
Chili Pepper Powder.
Lamb or Mutton.

Best Biryani in Hyderabad. Where to find places for Best Biryani in Hyderabad city?
Hyderabad is the best place in India to try most authentic and delicious Biryani. At most of the places on Hyderabad you will find countries best Biryani.
Grand Hotel.
Paradise Food Court.
Fridaus Biryani.
7 Biryanis.
Best Biryani in Delhi. Where to find Best Biryani House in Delhi?
If you are a Biryani Lover and want to eat best Dum Biryani or Veg Biryani in Delhi, then you should visit these places.
Nashir Iqbal Restaurant.
Kolkata Biryani House.
Hyderabadi Biryani House.
Biryani Blues.
Al Jawahar Biryani at Jama Masjid.

Best Biryani in Mumbai. Where to find Best Biryani Restaurant in Mumbai.
Mumbai is not much popular of Biryanis as much as Hyderabad and Delhi. But there are millions of Biryani lover who love to eat Biryani most often. Mumbai is best tourist place in India, so you will find most of the Indian food there.
Nawab House.
Biryani Affair.
Biryani By Air.
Bieyani King, Navi Mumbai.
Star Biryani Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
Best Biryani in India.
Indian is a very big country, apart from Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai you can find best Biryani in the cities like Lucknow, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolakata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, etc.