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Masala Kaju, Spicy Kaju Indian Recipe.
Masala Kaju Recipe step by step. Masala kaju is a very delicious and easy version of a snack made from Cashew nuts. It is a very healthy and yummy snack which is useful in many purpose. You can have it with drink or use it in Kaju Curry Recipe....
Sabudana Vada Recipe, How to Make Sabudana Vada, Maharashtrian Sabudana Vada Recipe, Indian Street Food Recipe, Indian Starter Recipe.
Sabudana Vada Recipe | Indian Street Food. Sabudana vada is a very popular Indian starter recipe from Maharashtrian cuisine. It is really very delicious in taste crispy from outside and soft from inside. Mainly it is prepared from sabudana or sago, boiled potatoes, bread crums or corn flour and...
Basil Pesto Recipe. Basil ki Chutney Recipe. Indian Chutney Recipe. Healthy Chutney Recipe.

Basil Pesto Recipe

Basil Pesto Recipe.                             Basil pesto is nothing but chutney based recipes which can be taken with whatever you want. Especially it goes well with snacks. It’s a extra ordinary flavor which is given to snack as well as healthy. This easy to make Indian chutney can be made...
Top 10 Indian Foods.
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Information about Indian Food.
Indian food | Indian Food Basics | Indian Food 101 | Indian Cooking | History. Indian foods are famous for the use of herbs and spices that enhance the taste of the food. Indian food is famous in the world for a large assortment of dishes. Style of cooking also...