Chinese Bhel | Street Food India.


Chinese Bhel | Street Food India.

Chinese Bhel is an Indian fast food originated from Mumbai. Basically as a variation of Indian Noodles, it is widely popular in Mumbai. It is an example of bizarre fusion cuisine mixing the popular street food bhel with Chinese noodles.

Apart from Mumbai, in other cities of India, Chinese Bhel is a popular street food snack item widely loved by the Chinese food lovers. Apart from street side food stalls, restaurants also serve Chinese Bhel as a popular crispy and crunchy starter.

Vegetarian Chinese Bhel Recipe.
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Ingredients and Chinese Bhel Making.

Ingredients of Chinese Bhel usually consists of deep fried noodles, finely chopped onions, shredded cabbage, sliced capsicum and carrots, soy, tomato and red chilli sauce, salt and black pepper powder, ajino moto (mono sodium glutamate) and garlic paste in varying quantities.
Preparation of Chinese Bhel is very easy. Noodles are boiled in hot water adding half table spoon of oil to it. Once it is boiled, it is put under cold water so that noodles would not stick to each others. Once it is cooled down, corn flour or starch is added to the noodles and all are mixed well and later these are deep fried. Another pan can be taken to pour some oil and to sauté the onion.

After that, ginger garlic paste is added and then carrots and capsicums cut into juliennes are added. Then gas is turned on high flame for proper cooking. Then ajino moto (mono sodium glutamate), rock salt, crushed black pepper, chilli sauce and soy sauce are added to taste.

Then previously fried noodles are mixed well with all these ingredients. Chinese Bhel is garnished with chopped coriander leaves and green onions (optional). It has to be served hot immediately after preparation.

Variants of Chinese Bhel.

Another variant of dry Chinese Bhel is available in street side stalls where noodles are used uncooked to sustain the crispiness of popular street food snack item bhel. Crushed uncooked noodles are mixed with papdi, chopped onions or shallots, boiled small pieces of potatoes, carrots and capsicums.

Soy sauce, red tangy tamarind chutney, green savoury pudina or coriander chutney, nuts, sev, shredded coconut, chopped green chillies, a pinch of rock salt, a pinch of crushed black pepper and a drop of oil are all mixed well and served together.

Chinese Bhel once was criticised for its stalls established at very unhygienic places and stated that 6 pregnant women were diagnosed with Hepatitis-E from past 2 months. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) issued strict orders to not let hawkers sell fried foodstuff on pavements and Chinese Bhel outside schools.

The doctors and physicians had also demanded that the MCGM ban the sale of street food like Chinese Bhel with immediate effect as the taste-maker used in these foods, ‘ajino moto’ (mono sodium glutamate) was very harmful for health.

Useful Info Related Chinese Bhel.

It may be useful to mention that Chinese Bhel does not have any connectivity with China either by history or by the origin. The use of ajino moto (mono sodium glutamate) attributes a flavor that is similar to the flavor attainable in most of the Chinese foods. And also, noodles are well marked in India as an epitome of Chinese foods. Hence Chinese Bhel was named like that considering its specific ingredients and taste.

Outside India, in abroad fast food chains, the ingredients of American Choupsuey are mixed with sautéed vegetables and are served with savoury sauce and other toppings as cheese etc. They use chopsuey instead of noodles. So they make a similar kind of snack item that is a variant of Chinese Bhel. It is also a popular food as per world food rating.

Chinese Bhel. Street Food India.
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