Fafda Making | Street Food in Ahemadabad Gujarat.


Fafda Making.

Fafda gathiya has derived its name originally from Gujarati language. Fafda is crunchy snack made from chick pea flour and served with hot fried chillies or chutney. Fafda is a besan (gram flour) made crispy snack item moulded into strips and then deep fried. Fafda gathiya is a popular snack food item which increases its sell during the festive season of Holi celebration. Apart from Gujarat, in other parts of India, Fadfa Gathiya is well known as a popular snack food item sold by street side vendorsfafda Making is easy.

The besan, soda, ajwain, turmeric powder, one table spoon oil and a pinch of salt are mixed together in a bowl. Water is added to it and then it has to knead into soft dough. A portion of the dough is taken and it is then placed on a butter greased surface. The dough is then flattened by the base of the palm and then it is cut out two inch strips from it. These strips are fried over medium heat until crisp and then they are allowed to cool.

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How to Make Fafda or Fafda Making.

Making Fafda is also very easy. The besan or gram flour is sieved. Then edible sodium bicarbonate and salt are added to it together. Then red chilli powder and ajwain seeds are added to it for seasoning. Oil is then added to the besan and salt mixture and it is rubbed well so that it starts forming rough balls. Now with the help of water, dough is kneaded.

Then little by little water is added to ensure that the dough does not get too soft. Then the dough is greased preferably with some butter or with some oil and it is kept covered with a wet cloth piece, and it is kept aside for almost half an hour. Now oil has to be heated on a kadai. While the oil is heating up, the dough should be divided into two parts and place one part in the Fafda maker with big holes mould.

Keeping the flame medium, the Fafda maker is pressed gradually to let the strings fall in the oil. Then these are fried till turning golden crisp. Excess oil are drained and soaked on tissue paper. Fafda gathiya is served instantly as a hot ready to serve item. If leftover has to be preserved, then it has to be kept in specialnair tight containers.

Fafda Serving and it’s Ranking.

Fafda gathiya is a ready to eat snack and served hot just after preparing. It is served with tangy red tamarind chutney or spicy savoury green coriander or pudina chutney. Fafda gathiya ranks within top 25 famous snack food items available in India and apart from India, various other countries’ cuisine also gives it the due credit of ranking within top hundred most popular street food dishes in India.