Fafdi Gathiya


Fafdi Gathiya.

Fafdi Gathiya is a snack made from Gram Flour or Besan and serve with Papaya Chutney in the streets of Gujarat in Breakfast. Gujarati people love Fafdi and Jalebi very much. Home made fafdi is always good because we can have it very hot and fresh as compared to the FAFDI bought from your Famous Farsan Shop. You may think where to find Best Fafdi in Ahmadabad, but you don’t need to be worried about it because at most of the places in whole of Ahmedabad.

Fafdi recipe is really nice to try it at home. It is a preferred street food in Gujarat. You can locate fafda and its mixture with jalebi in every street corner of Ahmadabad, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, Jamnagar, Bhanvagar, etc. Let’s make Fafdi at home today. Fafda is a crispy and soft snack prepared from Chick pea flour or Besan as well as served up with hot fried chillis and as Chutneys made from Raw Papaya. In the morning time, people are lined up at fafda stall or at Food Carts for freshly prepared fafdas. A lot of people love this dish. If you would like to learn Fafda Recipe in English then you can watch the Fafda Recipe video.

Fafdi RecipeGujarati Fafdi Recipe is very popular everywhere. You can make delicious Fafdi at home. You can find Papaya Chutney For Fafda and Raw Papaya Chutney for Fafda on our website. It is a special festival recipe, it is so light and healthy, you would love to make our easy fafda recipe at home very often.

Fafdi Gathiya

Fafdi making Video. Fafdi is a very famous Type of Gathiya apart from Fafda Gathiya, Vanela Gathiya, Tikha Gathiya, Bhavnagari Gathiya, etc.
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Indian
Author Nikunj Vasoya.