Foodon TV India Pvt. Ltd (About The Company)

World’s 1st Food & Travel Network from a village online.

Foodon tv India Privet Limited now the officially a company for the some of the most popular Indian Food Media online which includes Foodon TV Network,, Street Food & Travel TV India,,, Crazy for Indian Food, and India Home Cooking.

Foodon tv India Pvt. Ltd started by the one of the India’s leading and world’s 1st popular youtube celebrity from a village Nikunj Vasoya. A young man with the great passion for Food & Traveling the mother earth India for her beauty and mouthwatering dishes.

Youngest Indian CEO and Entrepreneur
Founder & CEO: Foodon TV India Pvt. Ltd.

He has started traveling India just two years a go and now he is one of the most popular Indian foodie with over 20 Million+ Views on two youtube channels and over 33,000+ subscriber.

Foodon TV Network shown over 100% growth this year (2015) as compared to the previous year 2014. Now to make it one of the best Indian Food Media, Nikunj Vasoya had started a company namely Foodon TV India Pvt. Ltd to expand the business and to make the reach to the Billions of Food Lover world wide in the coming years.

Registered office.
Foodon TV House.
Khijadiya. Jamnagar,
Gujarat 361120.
Phone: +91 88 66 33 1700