Gujarati Thali | Street Food in Gujarat.


Gujarati Thali | Street Food in Gujarat.

Gujarati Thali originally derived its name from Gujarati language. It is an assortment of dishes arranged as a platter for lunch or dinner in restaurants and homes, mostly in Gujarat and places with Gujarati diaspora. “Thali” literally means “a full plate meal”. Apart from Gujarat, Gajarati Thali is available in mini form in almost every corner of India as a street food item that people enjoy taking as a scrumptious meal for lunch or dinner at affordable prices.

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Various Contents of Gujarati Thali.

The Gujarati Thali consists of presenting various dishes in one platter. These are – ringana methi nu shak (eggplant cooked with fenugreek leaves), Gujarati khatti mithi daal (sweet and sour lentil), undhiyu (mixed vegetable prepared with spinach paste), bhindi sambhariya (lady’s finger curry), aloo rasila (potato and tomato thin curry).

Steamed basmati rice, badshahi khichdi, Chapati, methi na thepla (flatbread made with wheat flor, spices and fenugreek leaves), bhakhri (biscuit like bread flavoured with ghee and cumin seeds) and kachumber salad (onion-tomato-cucumber salad tossed with herbs and spices) along with various types of savoury chutneys. Along with proper Gujarati Thali, side dish (farsan) and sweetmeats are also served.

Authentic and Traditional Gujarati Thali.

Gujarati Thali is basically a concept with the objective to present that real and traditional taste of Gujarati food’s essence. The Gujarati Thali is a very nice idea for all those who want to have the taste of traditional quintessential Gujarati cuisine. Gujarati Thali prepared in Gujarati households has at least three fresh vegetable dishes, one dry dal or some sprouted pulses dish (for example : ugaadayla mung), a wet dal, kadhi, kathor (a savoury), mithai, poori, rotis, steamed rice and papad. Kathiawadi Thali is also a popular thali in Gujarat which is a variation of Gujarati Thali.
To fulfil its objective this Gujarati Thali contains all the main dishes of Gujarati food, and the main dishes include one variety of dal, kadhi, two to three vegetable preparations, salad savouries, puriyan or chapatiyan, rice, chutney, sweets, pickles and papad etc. In the Gujarati Thali mainly there are four components Cereal, Pulses, Vegetables and Rice. These components are accompanied by several other supplements such as pickle, chutney, papad, buttermilk and salad. From nutritional value, it is suggested that this Gujarati Thali makes a balanced diet for everyone.

Ingredients Used in Making Gujarati Thali.

The spices that are used in Gujarati Thali include ginger, garlic and green chillies. In this cuisine, one finds more use of jaggery instead of sugar. The staple dal consumed in Gujarat is the Tuver Dal, which is usually served with rice, but in some other regions of Southern Gujarat use of Moong Dal could also be found. Another type of dal that is the Chana Dal also has widespread consumption in other states outside Gujarat.

The well-known flour besan is prepared with the chana dal, which is widely used in making the dishes like ‘Farsan’ (side dishes like: khandvi and bhajiya) and several other sweetmeats (for instance: ‘sukhdi’ made from wheat flour, jaggery and ghee) which is a part of Gujarati Thali.

Gujarati Thali
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Best Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad.

There are four famous signature restaurants in Ahmedabad which rank as the best ones to serve Gujarati Thali. ‘Toran’ restaurant at Adhram Road, ‘Agashiye’ restaurant at Lal Darwaja, ‘Rajwadu’ restaurant at Malav Talav and ‘Gordhan Thaal’ at Sarkhej, Gandhinagar are top four restaurants offering the best Gujarati Thalis in Ahmedabad. An eclectic mix of Gujarati/Rajsthani fare, all of these four win full points, not only for its scrumptious fare, but also for their ambiance.

If one goes for the Gujarati Thali, the welcome drink is also served which is quite refreshing and tasty. The huge array of items that one is served on the platter is enough to overwhelm one’s senses. Rich and beautifully spiced, one would do well to go with a huge appetite to truly enjoy the delights that these four restaurants have to offer.

The Gujarati Thali served with the simplicity of the farsan (khandvi), the hearty vegetables, the rustic daal, the hot rotis and puris, the bhakris and the awesome dessert offerings – the overall experience is truly a gastronome’s delight. Gujarati Thali adds a lot of memory to a truly gastronomic experience. Indian food channels have ranked Gujarati Thali within top 25 most popular street side meal.