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Indian foods are famous for the use of herbs and spices that enhance the taste of the food. Indian food is famous in the world for a large assortment of dishes. Style of cooking also varies from region to region in India. North Indian food, South Indian food, East Indian food, Western Indian food, central Indian food etc contribute to Indian food. Indian Cooking is really not tough as peoples thinks.

Every region uses different types of cereals, vegetables for the preparation of the food based on the soil, climate and occupations. Even different types of herbs and spices are used for the Indian cooking in different regions of India.

Indian Food & Indian Culture.


There is a great importance of food in Indian culture. Ancient people of India had found that every living being needs food to live on the earth. Food is served as a “second God” by the people of India.

People of India are fond of eating food and food cooking is a kind of tradition in India. This is the reason that one will find deep varieties of food in India. Great taste and quality food are the best outcomes of Indian food.

India has different states and the resources available in the states are different. The soil type is also different.  The land area of different region supports the production of different crops and cereals.

Ingredients for Indian Food.

The use of different cereals, vegetables, fruits and pulses for the preparation of different dishes makes Indian food amazing. Wheat, rice, pearl millet and other floors are used in Indian cooking. Different pulses like pigeon peas, black gram, mung beans, chickpeas, kidney beans etc are used separately to make different dishes. Indian food is also a symbol of unity in diversity.

Even different types of oils are used for the cooking. Mustard oil, soya oil, sesame oil, coconut oil etc are used for making different dishes based on the region. Central Indian dishes and north Indian dishes are with soya and mustard oil. South Indian dishes use coconut oil in their region. Vanaspati ghee and sunflower oil are also popular in India.

Portuguese also contributed to Indian society. They have introduced red chili, potato and tomato in India that was invented in Mexico. Various Indian food dishes are made with tomato and potato. The use of red chili in food is adopted by all the regions of India.