Indian Food | A Beginners Guide to Indian Food | Indian Cooking.


Methods used to cook Indian food: –

A) Curry: – In this process, vegetables and spices are cooked together. Onions, turmeric, dried red chilis, black pepper and clove are used in this process along with vegetables.


How To Make Bharela Ringan Recipe.
Making Indian Curry.

B) Bhuna: -The bhuna process involves the use of oil in the frying pan. First, spices like green chili, turmeric, red chili powder are fried and then the vegetable is mixed in it.

Home made Palak Paneer Recipe.
Bhuna Masala.

C) Tadka: – The method is similar to bhuna. In tadka, the whole spices are mixed together to give a great tadka taste to the food. Cumin is used with dried red chili to enhance the taste of the dish. You can try famous Indian Recipe, Dal Tadka Recipe.

Home made Dal Tadka Recipe.
Tadka Method.

Indian food is famous for taste but is also very beneficial for health. The use of various kinds of herbs and spices makes it a perfect food. Various spices and herbs have different properties that enhance our body functioning.

D) Tandoor Oven Cooking:- Tandoor is a very special kind of Indian Oven in which Indian likes to roast Naan, Tandoori Roti, Tandoori Paratha, Paneer Tikka, Vegetables, etc. Tandoor is a oven made from Soil and in which Indian use Charcoals to bake or roast Indian Tandoori Items.

E) Steam Food:- Steaming is a very important Indian Cooking Method, We have lots of Indian dishes which we can’t make without a steamer like Khaman Dhokla, Idli, Patra, etc.

Top 10 Indian Foods.
Besan Khaman Dhokla. A Steamed Indian Food.