Khaman Dhokla Making | Street Food India.


Khaman Dhokla Making | Street Food India.

Khaman Dhokla has derived its name from Gujarati language. It is a food common in the Gujarat state of India made from freshly ground chickpea meal or chickpea flour gram flour. Apart from Gujarat, in other parts of India also it is generally eaten as a street food snack item. Khaman Dhokla making is very easy.

Khaman Dhokla Making. Street Food in Gujarat.
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Although a Gujarati snack, it has become increasingly popular across India, as well as in other regions with a sizable Gujarati community. It is mostly served with roughly chopped onions, sev, fried chillies sprinkled with salt and chutney. In some shops it is also served traditionally in a large green leaf.

Sometimes it is also garnished with scraped coconut. Khaman Dhokla is often a part of the Gujarati Thali resulting in a distinct texture and taste. Khaman, Khaman-Dhokla and Dhokla are often used interchangeably and are synonymous with a steamed snack made with a batter composed of lentil flour or a mixture of lentil and rice flours.

Khaman Dhokla Making and It’s Preparations.

Preparation of Khaman Dhokla is easy. The batter is prepared from chana dal (split desi chickpeas). These are roughly ground and mixed into gram flour which is then soaked overnight. The flour should be smooth to touch. The batter is then boiled for 20 – 25 minutes, and turmeric is added for color and taste.

Khaman Dhokla Recipe, Gujarati Recipes, Snack Recipes.
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Four-five table spoons of besan is added. Salt, chopped ginger, chillies and baking soda are also added. At the time of preparation of the batter, sugar can also be added if one needs sweet Khaman Dhokla. Roughly crushed pepper may be added.

Khaman Dhokla is often confused with dhokla, which resembles khama in size and shape up to a great extent. However, Khaman Dhokla are softer and light yellow in color while dhokla are generally harder and white or very pale yellow in colour.

Dal Vadas are also confused with Khaman Dhokla because both have same batters but Khaman Dhokla is steamed and Dal Vadas are fried. Khaman Dhokla are cubical, but Dal Vadas are irregularly circular in shape.

Khaman Dhokla Serving.

Traditionally in small-town-farshan (snack) shops, Khaman Dhokla was served in the leaf of Kesuda (a reddish flowering plant) which is a big green leaf. But, nowadays it is mostly served by farshan shops in a paper which is wrapped by a newspaper and then tied by a white thread. It can be served with pudina (mint leaves), chilli, garlic, tamarind, coriander chutneys (a condiment).

Khaman Dhokla Types.

(i) Nylon (nylon means soft) Khaman Dhokla are much softer than normal Khaman Dhokla. Although the recipe is similar, the difference is that this type of Khaman Dhokla cooks instantly. Nylon Khaman Dhokla is more famous in Northern Gujarat.

(ii) Masala (spicy) Khaman Dhokla are a bit reddish in look because they include chilli powder. In Gujarat people mostly like to eat this type of Khaman Dhokla.

(iii) Vati Dal Khaman Dhokla is also an alternate form of Khaman Dhokla. These khaman take more time to cook. Mostly the Vati Dal Khaman Dhokla are preferred in Southern Gujarat.

(iv) Sev Khamani is a mashed-up version of Khaman Dhokla. This is made in the same way as Khaman Dhokla by steaming chana dal paste with a mixture of chilli. Ginger and garlic are added to it. Later fried cumin seeds and some other spices are sprinkled on it. Garnish is coriander leaves and sev (fried gram vermicelli). Sometimes pomegranates are also used for garnishing.

(v) Low steamed Khaman Dhokla recipe is almost same as Khaman Dhokla, with a slight difference. It remains a bit uncooked and is only served hot. The dish is served with onions, chillies and chutney. The serving of this recipe is low, spread and irregular instead of the high, cubical structure of Khaman Dhokla.
Kaman Dhokla ranks within top ten most popular street food snack items in India. Various food television channels have featured Khaman Dhokla to publicize its popularity. In abroad food chains also, Khaman Dhokla is widely available and loved as an enjoyable food over there.