Mustard Seeds or Rai Dana | What are the Uses of Mustard Seeds.


What is Mustard and Its Uses?- What is Mustard Seeds or Rai Dana or Sarso Ke Bij and Its Uses?

Meaning of Mustard Seeds or Rai Dana or Sarso Ke Bij.

Mustard is a plant grown in most of the western Indian Regions.Mustard is a very beautiful medium height plant with the yellow flowers on the top.Mustard Seeds are the dried seeds of the Mustard Plant.In India Green Mustard Leaves are also used to make curry known as Sarso Da Sag or Sabji.

Indian Cooking essential.
Mustard Seeds or Rai Dana

 Forms of The Mustard.

Mustard Seeds.

Mustard Leaves.

Mustard Sauce.

Brown Mustard.

Black Mustard.

Mustard Seeds Powder.

Green Mustard.

Mustard Oil.

Mustard Flour.

Names of the Mustard From English to Other Languages.

In Hindi: Rai Dana or Sarso Ke Bij.

In Italian: senape.

In French: moutarde.

In German: Senf.

In Latin: sinapi.

In Russian: горчица.

In Portuguese: mostarda.

In Japanese: マスタード .

In Tamil: கடுகு.

In Kannada: ಸಾಸಿವೆ.

In Marathi:    मोहरी


What are the uses of Mustard?

Mustard used in powder form or as a whole Mustard Seeds as a Spice and Seasonings in most of the Indian cuisines.

Mustard Seeds or Ground Mustard and Green Mustard Leaves are very important spice or seasoning in any Indian Cuisine.

Mustard Seeds can be use in many Indian Curry.

It can be uses to make Mustard Oil.

You can make Green Mustard Leaves Curry.

It is a very important Medicine in Ayurveda.

It can be useful to improve our digesting system.

Nutrition Values in Mustard or Rai Dana or Sarso.


Parameters                           Values per 100 Grams.

Moisture                               8.500 gm

Energy                                  304.000 Kcal

Iron                                       12.400gm

Protein                                  11.500 gm

Phosphorus                           700.000 gm

Fat                                         39.700 gm




Thiamine                               0.090 mg

Niacin                                    1.400 mg


Farming of Mustard and Mustard Plant.   

Indian is one of the major producer of the Mustard or Rai Dana in the world.

Mustard Plant is a Medium height plat with the lots of yellow flowers on the top.

Height of Plant: 4 to 6 foots(ft).

Cultivation: Feb, Mar, Apr.