Red Chili Pepper | Lal Mirch Powder Meaning | What are the Uses


What is Red Chili Powder What Is Red Pepper Powder and its uses?

Red Chili Powder means a powder made from the dry red chiles which is also known as Red Pepper and Lal Mirch in Hindi.Basically this is the simple powder grinded in Food Processor or in Commercial Mills and many of them contain some salt as well.Red Chile powder or Red Pepper Powder is very common in any Indian cuisine.Red Pepper Powder give very spicy taste to any food and good red color too.

Lal Mirch Powder, Kashmiri Mirch Powder

Names of Chili Powder From English to Other languages.

In English: Chilli Powder.

In Hindi: Lal Mirch Powder.

In Italian: peperoncino in polvere.

In French: poudre de chili.

In Latin: purus pulveris.

In Portuguese: pimenta em pó.

In Dutch: chilipoeder.

In Irish: púdar Chili.

In Spanish: chile en polvo

What are the Different Uses of Red Chilli or Red Pepper Powder?

You can use red pepper powder in any Indian Curries.

You can use Lal Mirch Powder in any Indian Lentils.

You can use Red Pepper Powder in any Indian spicy snacks.

You can use Red Chili Powder in any Indian Starters or Appetizers.

 What are the Different Types of Red Chile Powders or Red Pepper Powders?

Kashmiri Red Chile Powder or Kashmiri Mirch Powder.

Deggi Red Chili Powder or Deggi Mirch Powder.