Top 10 Indian Foods. | Top 10 Restaurant Style recipe.


8. Kachori.

Kachori is a very famous Indian Street food which is available almost everywhere in India with different size and shapes. It is a very good Indian Fast Food which is very good and you can have it in Breakfast or as a snack at any time.

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It is a deep fried Indian Savory dish, which is stuffed with the vegetable stuffing and raped in a crispy cover made from the all purpose flour or Maida. They deep fry the Kachoris until it became golden brown and crispy from outside. It is very cheap and you can get one plate of Kachori in just around 30 cents.

Top 10 Indian Foods.
Dry Fruit Kachori.

Usually Kachori is served with the Chutneys and In Delhi is served with the Potato or Aloo Curry. You can find Kachoris at most of the Indian Street Food Carts and Shops. I personally like Kachori very much and the Kachori in Rajasthan and Delhi, Ohm, So Good.

7. Khaman Dhokla.

A spongy and mouth watering Gujarati Fast food which is heavenly delicious and healthy too. Basically Dhokla means a Steamed Spongy cake made from the Gram Flour. It is specialty of Gujarat. I personally like it very much. Khaman Dhokla is also known as Besan Dhokla, Dhokla, Khata Dhokla, Nylon Khaman, etc.

Top 10 Indian Foods.
Besan Khaman Dhokla.

It is available at almost every place in India. But the Gujarat and Mumbai are the best place to try some amazing Khaman Dhokla’s. It is very cheap You can get 2 plates of Besan Dhokla in just 1 dollar. If you are a true food lover, must try Dhokla at least once in a lifetime.

Usually Dhokla is served with the Green Chutney made from the herbs. In most of the Gujarati functions, parties, weddings, etc you will find Khaman Dhokla. Thank to Gujarat for giving such an amazing dish to the world.

You can Have Dhokla in Breakfast or, Lunch or in a Dinner. It is not spicy at all so anybody can have Dhokla’s at anytime during the whole day.

6. Fafda Jalebi.

Another Gujarati’s favorite and delicious street food from the state of Gujarat, India. Fafda and Jalebi are to different dishes served together in a plate in the Breakfast in Gujarat. Gujarati people love it too much and seriously it is heavenly delicious fast food.

Top 10 Indian Foods.
Fafda Gathiya Cooking in Gujarat.

Let’s kown first What is Fafda?

Fafda is a Gujarati snack made from the Gram Flour or Besan. It is crunchy and very good in taste. They deep fry it until it became very crunchy and soft at a time.

Top 10 Indian Foods.
How to Make Fafda Gathiya?

Now What is Jalebi?

Jalebi is a very unique Indian Sweet or Dessert with is very common Sweet dish in the all Indian Cities. It is made from the Fermented Plain Flour and Sugar Syrup. It is very heavy dish. So whenever eating Jalebi forgot the dieting and calories Bla Bla Bla.

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The Famous Hot & Crispy Jalebi’s

Fafda and Jalebi served to gather in a plate with Spicy Papaya Salad / Sweet Papaya Salad and deep fried green chilies very hot in the Gujarati Breakfast. If you want to try best Fafda and Jalebi Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Mumbai are the best places to try it. You can find Fafda Jalebi at most of the places in Gujarat.

It is a very cheap you can get one plate in just Rupees 30 or 50 cents.