Top 10 Indian Foods. | Top 10 Restaurant Style recipe.


2. Chhole Bhature.

Chhole and Bhature to different dishes in a plate. Sound really good. It is a very cheap and Healthy Breakfast option for the India. It is very famous towards the North India side. Chhole means White Chickpeas and Bhature means a deep fried Bread made from the Plain Flour or Maida.

Top 10 Indian Foods.
Popular Indian Food Chhole Bhature.

They serve Chhole Bhature with some Onions and pickle in the Breakfast. You can also have it in the Lunch or Dinner no problem at all. Get it. It is very cheap and you can make to bailey full in just 1 dollar in the streets of Delhi or Mumbai.

1. Samosa.

Oh it has been so long we are counting from 10 to one backward. And the finally we come to end this amazing Indian food journey with our Number 1 monster.

Samosa Indian Fast Food.
Aloo Samosa.

Samosa is a very famous Indian Savory dish. It is made from the Potato Stuffing which is kwon as Aloo in India. It is so good that every Indian just can’t live without Samosa. From early morning to mid night Indian can have Samosa only. Must eat Samosa if you are a true food lover. It is very cheap and delicious Indian Fast Food. Just pay one dollar for 6 Samosas.

Samosa is a very good option for the Vegan. It is really very delicious, seriously very delicious, I am sure. Yes it is.

List of other Popular Indian Dishes.

Top 20 Street Food List.

  1. Dahi Bhalla.
  2. Pani Puri.
  3. Sev Puri.
  4. Ice Gola.
  5. Chana Jor Garam.
  6. Dabeli.
  7. Ghughara.
  8. Puri Shaak/Pudi Bhaji.
  9. Kathi Roll.
  10. Anda Bread.
  11. Jhal muri.
  12. Kebabas.
  13. Bombay Masala Toast.
  14. Chhole Kulcha.
  15. Dosa.
  16. Idli.
  17. Vada Pav.
  18. Bahjji Pav.
  19. Mix Bhajiya.
  20. Ragda Pettis.

Top 10 Restaurant Dishes List.

  1. Palak Paneer.
  2. Matar Paneer.
  3. Sev Tomato Curry.
  4. Veg Kolapuri.
  5. Dum Aloo.
  6. Bateta Nu Shaak.
  7. Naan.
  8. Kulcha.
  9. Puri.
  10. Paratha.

Top 10 Indian Sweets/Desserts List.

  1. Gulab Jamun.
  2. Ras Gulla.
  3. Burfi.
  4. Kaju Katli.
  5. Peda.
  6. Coconut Burfi.
  7. Gajar Ka Halva.
  8. Ghari.
  9. Rabri.
  10. Falooda/Falunda.