Top 10 Recipes for Every Festival


4. A Super Easy Gujarati Dish, Besan Pudla.

Top 10 Recipes for every festival : Pudla is a very famous Gujarati recipes made from Besan or Gram Flour. It is a very easy and quick Gujarati Pan Cake recipe which you can cook in no time. Basically Pudla is nothing but a masala pan cake which Gujarati people like to make for the kids and elder in monsoon as well as winter. This Indian Village Style Recipes of Besan Pudla will blow your mind.

Indian Gujarati Bread Recipe.
Besan Pudla Recipe Photo.

In Gujarati Pudla cooked most often in village as compared to the Gujarati cities. In village we still have original recipes of Besan Pudla made from the Indian Spices and Herbs. It is a very good Gujarati Dish which gives very unique flavored and healthy too.

I personally like Besan Pudla very much and it is one of my favorite Monsoon or winter special recipes. If you like Besan or Gram Flour then this will be the best recipe for Besan or gram flour which you can serve to your hungry kid or elder in no time. Besan is rich of protein so it is a very good recipe and better then all the fast food recipes. Go to Recipe.

5. Most Popular Indian Sweet or Dessert Gajar Ka Halwa.

Top 10 Recipes for every festival : Halva is a very popular Indian Sweet or Dessert which we Indian are cooking and eating from 100s of years. It is a very easy recipe of Indian sweet but so good in taste and need just few ingredients. You can find halva in the most of the Indian cities and towns. You can make Halwa with the Carrot or Gajar, Beetroot and many other things as well.

Indian Sweet Gajar Ka Halva Recipe.
Gajar Halva Recipe.

Most of the Indian sweet recipes are little difficult but The Gajar Ka Halwa anybody can make and eat. In this recipe I have used all the ingredients which we are using from many years. This is an authentic or traditional recipe of Gajar or Carrot Halwa.

Many people are worried about the calories in the Indian sweet or dessert dishes but in the Halva you can add less or more sugar as you want. It will not make much different to the taste and texture.

Indian cuisine is all about cooking and enjoying very simple but delicious dishes and most of the Indian Food are based on the Indian Vegetarian Cuisine. In Indian around 80% of people are vegetarian and they just eat vegetable curries, Kormas, salads and roti with Dal and Chawal. Go to Recipe.

6. Everyone’s Favourite Dal Tadka Recipe.

Top 10 Recipes for every festival : Dal tadka is one of the most popular Indian recipe and almost everybody likes it very much. Whenever we go to the restaurant, we always like to order dal tadka and rice at the end of the every meal. Dal Tadla is ideal for lunch or in dinner and anybody can it this dal because it is a really very simple in taste and less spicy.  if you are looking for some of the most popular Indian recipes then you should must try this dal tadka recipe with step by step pictures at foodontv network.

Hoome Made Dal Tadka Recipe.
Dal Tadka Recipe Photo.

In India people like to eat Chana dal,  Moong/Mung dal, Masoor ki daal and other dals which are commonly available in India because Dal is the best source of protein and a very cheap option for the Indian people. I like Dal very much and Dal in Gujarat is something very special for us. We often cook dal at home and in most of the functions, weddings, parties, etc. Dal is must for that occasion.

Whenever we go to the Restaurants or any Dhaba, we always like to order one or two Paneer Dishes like paneer butter masala, kadai paneer, paneer tikka masala, paneer Handi, Paneer toofani, palak paneer, etc. Along with the any one or some time two Indian Breads like Butter Naan, Garlic Naan, Kulcha, Butter Roti, Missi Roti,etc.
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