Top 17 Indian Street Food Recipes | Best Indian Street Food list


Top 17 Indian Street Food Recipes.

Are you a Street Food lover? Here is the best place to start your journey of mouthwatering street foods of India. Indian Street Foods are really awesome and you will find some delicious and colorful food being cooked in very nook and corner of Indian Cities. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, etc. are very famous for their yummy street foods. Our street food list of Top 17 Indian Street Food will help you a lot. Here you can get all these Quick Indian Street Fast Food recipes with step by step pics and video recipes. I’m a big lover of Indian Street foods, I have been travelling Indian Cities for their daily street foods. In some Indian Cities they really make delicious Street Foods. Specially Street Foods in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, etc. just wow. You can also watch Street Food Videos from across the country.

Top 17 Indian Street Foods, Indian Food List.
Top 17 Indian Street Foods

1. Dabeli recipe.

We must start our journey of Top 17 Indian Street Foods with this Gujju special. Dabeli is the most popular fast food from Gujarat and Gujarati people love to have Katchi Dabeli during the whole days, it is a very simple but very unique and interesting recipe made from Aloo or Potato Masala Mixture and Bun Rolls or Pav which is also used in Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav, Usal Pav,etc.

Kutchi Dabeli Recipe-Indian Fast Food Recipe.
Kutchi Dabeli Recipe Photo.

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2. Mayonnaise veg. sandwich recipe.

Today I am going to show you how to make Indian style veg mayonnaise sandwich, it will be really very amazing for you to try Indian style veg mayonnaise sandwich recipe which is very easy to make and you will need just few ingredients, Indian food is becoming more popular day by day and you can find 1000 of recipes online and offline on the cook books.

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3. Bombay toast sandwich recipe.

Bombay toast sandwich or Bombay masala toast sandwich is a very delicious and one of the most popular fast food from Mumbai and people really enjoy the true taste Marathi cuisine. Bombay ( now Mumbai ) is a very popular tourist destination and a hub for the all Indian street food from the entire country.

Home Made Bombay Toast Recipe.
Bombay masala toast sandwich is a very delicious and one of the most popular fast food from Mumbai and people really enjoy the true taste Marathi cuisine.

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4. Cheese tawa masala sandwich recipe.

Indian food is very popular in the world and millions of people are coming to India every year to try different kinds of street foods as well as authentic dishes and they really enjoy the amazing flavors of Indian cuisine. In this recipe of cheese sandwich you can use the Multi Grain Bread, Whole Wheat Bread or any other healthy bread, but I want to make it in the street food style fast food so I used Plain Flour Bread or Maida Bread or White Bread.

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Cheese Tawa Masala Sandwich Photo

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5. Veg. Manchurian recipe.

Veg Manchurian Dry or the vegetable Manchurian is a popular indo Chinese recipe.
The finest indo Chinese recipes like this veg Manchurian for all time prepared with the grated as well as minced veggies. So you can chop up the vegetables with the help of food processor or chop it with a knife. But utilizing food processor will accumulate your time.

Home Made Veg Manchurian Recipe.
veg. Manchurian Recipe Photo

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6. Pav bhaji recipe.

Pav bhaji recipe is a tasty fast food dish from Western India Maharashtra, India, consisting of a vegetable curry serve up with a soft bread roll (pav).
Disparity on Pav Bhaji comprises:

Home Made Pav Bhaji Recipe.
Pav Bhaji Recipe Photo.

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7. Chinese bhel recipe.

Several people say Chinese cuisine is about 400,000 years old and going back to the Peking Man as well as his use of fire. Some other people say the history of Chinese cuisine takes the beginning to the Chinese Stone Age. Though todayChinese cuisine take pleasure in the distinction of being the most popular in the world.

Vegetarian Chinese Bhel Recipe.
Chinese Bhel Recipe Photo.

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8. Spring rolls recipe.

Spring rolls recipe :
Some declare Chinese cuisine is the 400,000 years old going back to the Peking man as well as his use of fire. Some other declares that the history of theChinese cuisine take the commencement to the Chinese Stone Age. Though today Chinese cuisine take pleasure in the distinction of being the trendiest in the world

Restaurant Style Home Made Spring Rolls Recipe.
Spring Rolls Recipe Photo.

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9. Potato fritters recipe.

What is Crispy Aloo Puri or Potato Fritters?
A Crispy, Golden Brown and Delicious in Taste Aloo Puri, Bateta Na Bhajiya, Katri or Potato Fritters is an Gujarati Fast Food dish which is very popular in all over the world.

Most Popular Gujarati Street Food Recipe.
Potato Fritters Recipe Photo.

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10. Batata vada recipe.

Gujarati Batata vada is totally different version of aloo vada, which we usually make for the Vada Pav or any other purpose. Batata Vada is also known as Bateta Na Bhajiya in Gujarati. It is called Potato Fritters in the English.

Home Made Gujarati Batata Vada Recipe.
Gujarati Batata Vada Recipe Photo.

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11. Vada pav recipe.

Vada Pav is India’s no 1 fast food or street food and I love the taste and simplicity of vada pav, you can find the Vada Pav in the cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Kolkata and not just in above mentioned cities but you can also find in the other small towns and cities of India . Vada pav is such a simple but very easy and delicious fast food which you can make in just very quick time and with few ingredients only. Get Vada Pav Recipe in Hindi. Watch Video Recipe of Vada Pav.

Original Vada Pav Recipe.
Vada Pav Photo with Gujarati twist.

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12. Gulab jamoon recipe.

Gulab jamun recipe with milk powder is a milk-solids-based sweet mithai, trendy in countries of South Asia as well as found in like as the Indian cuisine, the Sri Lankan cuisine, the Nepalese cuisine (known as Lal Mohan), Pakistani cuisine as well as Bangladeshi. It is also familiar in Mauritius and the Caribbean countries of Trinidad as well as Tobago, Guyana, Suriname along with Jamaica. In Nepal, it is extensively known as lal Mohan. It is prepared mainly from milk solids, conventionally from newly curdled milk. It is often decorated with dried nuts like almonds to improve flavor according to Middle Eastern tradition. In India, milk solids are prepared by heating milk over a little flame for a long time until most of the water content has evaporated.

Gulab Jamun Recipe, Best Indian Dessert Recipe, Indian Mithai Recipe.
Gulab Jamun Recipe Photo.

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13. Khaman dhokala recipe.


Khaman Dhokla Recipe, Gujarati Snack Recipe.
Khaman Dhokla Recipe Photo.

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14. Onion pakore recipe.

Onion Pakora/Pakoda, Pyaz Bhajji, Kanda Bhajji or Dungadi Na Bhajiya all are the one name of a very special Indian Fast Food or Street Food. This is a very simple snack which can be prepared with readily available ingredients without much prior preparation in our busy like to give a crunchy twist to the regular boring life. This Onion Pakodas are very much popular in Western India side specially in Gujarat.

Indian Fast Food Recipe.
Onion Pakora Recipe Photo.

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15. Rajma chawal recipe.

Punjabi Rajma chawal recipe Video is an easy yet tasty meal. Rajma is rich as well as iron in addition to protein when it is shared with rice it is a massive source of carbohydrates. So it makes a healthy meal. It is great meal for kids lunch box too as it one of the preferred dish amongst the kids. Rajma masala orrajma chawal is one of the regulars at any Punjabi house.

How to Cook Rajma Chaval Recipe, Rajma Recipe, Rajma Masala Recipe, Easy Rajma Chaval Recipe.
Rajma Chaval Recipe Photo.

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16. Vanela gathiya recipe.

Gathiya is a well known Gujarati Breakfast snacks. Gathiya is prepared of gram flour moulded into twisted rope (Vanela in Gujarati) as well as deep fried. Here is the recipe for how to make gathiya at home. It is a simple to create savory which can be served up throughout Navratri and has a Big Billion Day on Dashera. It is also like a dish of Fafda and if you would like to prepare it then seeVanela Gathiya Recipe Video. You can see our step by step Fafda Recipe to make your breakfast interesting.

Vanela Gathiya Recipe, How to Make Vanela Gathiya Recipe, Gujarati Snack Recipe.,
Vanela Gathiya Recipe Photo.

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17. Veg. Pulao recipe.

Veg Pulao Recipe Photo.
Veg Pulao Recipe Photo.

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