Veg Manchurian | Street Food India.


Veg Machurian | Street Food India.

Veg manchurian is a delicious Chinese dish which comprises of vegetable dumplings in spicy Chinese gravy. The dumplings are made with vegetables. Some non-vegetarian variants use chicken, mushroom or any ingredients of your choice along with vegetables. This Veg manchurian is the perfect street food choice for the vegetarians. It is widely available as a popular street food in all cities of India. It is usually taken along with noodles as a full course scrumptious meal.
Food etymology and history say, Veg manchurian is the result of the adaptation of Chinese cooking and seasoning techniques to suit Indian tastes. It is believed to have been originally developed by a small Chinese community which lived in Kolkata for a century.

Veg Manchurian. street food india.
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Veg Manchurian Preparations.

Veg manchurian is easy to prepare. In veg manchurian’s two-stage preparation, the first stage requires preparing a spiced corn flour batter, dipping vegetable mix (chopped cauliflower florets, chopped potatoes, chopped tomatoes, chpped zucchini, chopped broccoli, chopped capsicums) in it and deep frying them making round shaped fritters.

In the second stage, the deep fried fritters are sautéd with chopped onion, capsicum, garlic etc. in soy and chilli sauce making gravy like consistency. If it is made with instant mix Manchurian powder, then Veg Manchurian hardly takes ten minutes time to prepare.

Veg Manchurian Types.

There are two different variants of veg manchurian. One is “dry” and the other one is “with gravy”. Both variants are prepared by using common ingredients like potato, cauliflower, capsicum, zucchini, broccoli, corn flour, refined maida flour, spring onion, capsicum, soy sauce, chilli sauce, minced garlic, ground black pepper etc.

And has typical garnishing of spring onion. Few recipes call for use of ajinomoto (Mono Sodium Glutamate) to increase the taste profile however some avoid it due to misconceptions about its un-healthiness. Its taste can vary from mild spicy to hot and fiery based on the recipe and personal preference.

Veg Manchurian as a Starter.

Veg manchurian dry has fried vegetable fritters in comparatively dry sauce like texture and is typically served and enjoyed as a snack or starter with tomato ketchup as dipping sauce. It is popular among alcohol drinkers as a bar snack and can be found in almost all bar cum restaurants. It is also a popular starter item in restaurants. Street side vendors use it as a popular snack item.

Veg Manchurian. Chinese Food. Street Food India.
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Vegetarian manchurian gravy has fried vegetable fritters in a thick soup like spicy gravy made of corn flour. It is generally served with varieties of rice dishes like hakka noodles, steamed rice, Chinese fried rice, Szechwan fried rice etc. as a popular main course.

Some good restaurants use some assorted ingredients to make the vegetable fritters. Mushroom, water chestnuts, pine nuts, bamboo shoots, tofu etc. are also used to stuff the fritters in making Veg manchurian. Naturally, price of the dish increases if the ingredients used are more coveted in nature.

Vegetarain Manchurian History.

Veg manchurian is a fusion food originated in India only. This food item does not actually bear any reference with Chinese or Manchurian origin for real. Chef Nelson Wang of China Garden Restaurant in Kolkata (India) accidentally invented impromptu this Veg manchurian dish in a hurry. That later became popular and emerged as one of the most commonly used fast food item available in every corner of streets in India.

From nutritional report, Veg manchurian serves 183 Kcal in total if taken three to four average sized fritters. This includes total fat of 11 grams (saturated fat 2 grams, poly unsaturated fat 5 grams, mono unsaturated fat 3 grams), protein of 2 grams, 2 mg cholesterol. So fitness conscious people should avoid eating it.

According to famous food shows in television, Veg manchurian ranks within top 25 most popular food items available in street side corners of India. In abroad also, various street food chains sell Veg manchurian as a popular main course fast food item.