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Parat Paratha Recipe | Indian Flatbread Recipe

Parat paratha is one the best Indian Flatbread recipe to have in breakfast.
Cuisine Indian
Author Neelima Mittal


  • 2 Cups Wheat Flour.
  • Coriander Seeds Powder To Sprinkle.
  • Fennel Seeds Powder To Sprinkle.
  • Red Chilli Powder To Sprinkle.
  • Salt To Taste.
  • Water To Make Dough.
  • Oil.


  • Prepare dough just like it is done for regular Paratha but remember that add salt according to taste while making dough.
  • Take little dough and roll it into a Paratha then apply little oil onto it.
  • Now sprinkle little red chilli powder, coriander seeds powder, fennel seeds powder and salt on it.
  • Spread it gently with hands, dust a little dry flour and apply little oil again.
  • Make 3 cuts vertically and 1 horizontally to make 8 pieces, keep the pieces on top of each other unevenly (This Paratha is made in uneven shape).
  • Dust dry flour on it and roll it again to make Paratha, now cook it on a griddle both sides till it became golden brown(Make all the parathas similarly).
  • Serve the Paratha with chutney of your choice or you can have it alone also.