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Gulab Jamun | Best Indian Dessert Recipe

Gulab Jamun Recipe with step by step Pictures.
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Author Nikunj Vasoya


  • 400 gms Khoya or Mava.
  • 125 gms of Tapkir Flour or Arrowrot Flour.
  • 500 gms of Ghee or Clarified Butter.
  • 500 gms of Sugar.
  • 1 tbsp Rose Water Optional.


  • In one mixing bowl pot 400 gms Grated Khoya or Mava, add 125 gms of Tapkir or Arrowroot Flour.
  • Mix it nicely.
  • Add Water as per requirement, knead it very well to make soft dough like a Chapati Dough.
  • Make small balls of equal sizes.
  • Heat Ghee or Clarified Butter.
  • Fry Jamun or small balls in it at very low heat.
  • Cook it until became Chocolaty dark in color. Then take it out.
  • In another pan put Sugar and 1 glass of water. Make sugar syrup of 1 thread.
  • Now put your Fried Gulab Jamun in Sugar Syrup after cooling it down with 1 tbsp Rose water, keep it over night or at least for few hour.
  • Serve it hot or chilled according to your need.