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Apple Curry Recipe | Indian Recipes By Nikunj Vasoya

Apple Curry Recipe. Apple in a Red Indian Gravy. North Indian Style Curry Recipe.
Course Main
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Author Chef Nikunj Vasoya


  • 2-3 Apples. 400 Grams.
  • 50 Grams Cashew nuts.
  • 1 Medium size finely chopped onions.
  • 2 Chopped Tomatoes.
  • 1 Chopped Capsicum.
  • 2 tbsp Cream.
  • 3 tbsp Oil.
  • 1 Star Anies.
  • 1 Small Cinnamon Stick.
  • 1 Whole Dry Red Chili Pepper.
  • 1 tsp Red Chili Pepper Powder.
  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder.
  • 1/2 tsp Punjabi Garam Masala.
  • 1 tsp Sugar.
  • Lemon Juice of 1 Lemon.
  • Some Fresh Coriander Leaves.
  • Salt to Taste.


  • How to Cook or Cooking Methods.
  • How to make Tomato and Cashew nuts Puree.
  • Put all the Cashew nuts and Tomato in to the Mixture Blender and make the nice and creamy paste from it.
  • After making paste(Puree) take it out in bowl.
  • Now it is ready for use.
  • How to Cook Apple.
  • Remove the skin of both the Apples.
  • Now Cut it into the big size as cut in the photo below.
  • Than add the 3 tbsp Oil in a Pan.
  • Fry all the Apples for the 2 minutes.
  • Take it out into the Plate.
  • How To Cook Curry.
  • Now in the same oil add the 1 each Star Anies, Red Chili and Cinnamon Stick.
  • Than add the Onions.
  • Stir Fry the onions until they become golden brown.
  • Than add the Turmeric Powder and Salt.
  • Now add the Capsicums.
  • After mixing this very well add the Sugar
  • Now add the Red Chilli Powder.
  • Now add Cashew nuts and Tomato Puree.
  • Again Mix this and stir it for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Now add the Lemon Juice and Cream.
  • Cook it for 2 minutes.
  • Mix all the ingredients very well and add our main ingredient Apples.
  • Again Cook it for 2 minutes.
  • Than add the Punjabi Garam Masala and some freshly chopped coriander leaves and mix it.
  • Garnish it in your own style or as garnished in the above photo of The Royal Apple Curry.
  • Serve this Delicious looking curry with Maski Paratha, Butter Naan, Garlic Naan or any other Indian
  • Bread Recipes of your choice.


Cook Apples according to your taste.
You can use the same gravy for other North Indian Curry also.
Avoid cream if you want or add low fat cream.